I did not receive push notifications

Here are a few reasons you may not have received push notifications on your mobile device.

This article applies to Speeki Messaging and Speeki Survey.

How do push notifications work?

The Speeki mobile app will send you a push notification if:

  • Your report has an update
  • You have a private message from your company

There are a few steps you can take if you did not receive a notification:

  1. Check if you allowed the Speeki mobile App to send you push notifications:
  2. iOS user - read the following steps here.
  3. Android user - read the following steps here.
  4. If you have allowed the Speeki App to send notifications:
  5. Check that you are a registered user.  You must be a registered user to receive notifications;
  6. You must have logged into the Speeki mobile App at least once,
  7. And, you must be logged into the device to receive notifications.
  8. Receiving notifications on multiple devices:
  9. You may receive notifications on multiple devices;
  10. If you pressed 'log off' on one of the devices, that device will no longer receive notifications until you log in again;
  11. If you did not press 'log off' manually, but you close the app, you will still receive notifications;
  12. If you do not wish to receive notifications on a specific device - press "log off" once to deregister from receiving notifications;
  13. If you wish to receive notifications on a specific device - press "log on" once to receive notifications.

Please raise a Speeki support ticket if the problem still persists.