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ISO 26000 Social responsibility

Organizations around the world, and their stakeholders, are becoming increasingly aware of the need for and benefits of socially responsible behavior. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.

Speeki helps companies with certifying their social programmes according to ISO 26000 by confirming that their social programmes are built following the guidelines of ISO 26000.

Benefits of ISO 26000 Certification

Social responsibility involves an understanding of the broader expectations of society.

A certification that you meet the guidelines set out in ISO 26000 means that you now only have respect for the rule of law but that you recognize the importance of key stakeholders including your community as part of your business.

Better governance systems.

ISO 26000 drives companies to have a stronger governance system based on incorporating the principles of social responsibility into decision making and implementation. These principles are accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behavior and respect for human rights.

A respect for human rights.

Recognition and respect for human rights are widely regarded as essential to the rule of law and to concepts of social justice and fairness. ISO 26000 shifts some of that responsibility to companies to respect human rights, including within its sphere of influence.

Improved engagement with the environment

In addition to complying with law and regulations, a company should assume responsibility for the environmental impacts caused by its activities in rural or urban areas and the broader environment. In recognition of ecological limits, it should act to improve its own performance, as well as the performance of others within its sphere of influence.

Enhanced reputation through ethics

Fair operating practices concern ethical conduct in a company's dealings with other organizations. These include relationships between companies and government agencies, as well as between organizations and their partners, suppliers, contractors, customers, competitors, and the associations of which they are members.

ISO 26000: Building a better company and society with Speeki Europe

Strengthen your organisation's social responsible conduct with a certification from Speeki Europe. Our comprehensive services help you build a company that meets all the details in the ISO 26000 guidelines. While the standard is more akin to a set of 'guidelines', Speeki's certification focuses on whether those guidelines are implemented, controlled and improved.

Benefits of Partnering with Speeki Europe for an ISO 26000 Certification

At Speeki Europe, we are dedicated to assisting organisations in elevating their social responsibility through a review of their programmes and a ISO 26000 certification. Our comprehensive approach and unyielding commitment to excellence empower your business to not only meet but excel at the guidelines in ISO 26000.

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Embrace ISO 26000 with the help of Speeki Europe

Speeki Europe, an accredited certification body, excels in guiding organisations to master their social responsibility.  We are committed to fortifying your strategies and ensuring around social responsibility and ensuring that the guidelines are implemented and effective.

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Global Expertise in ESG and Sustainability

Speeki Europe has been an expert in ESG and sustainability for over 10 years being one of the pioneers in governance certifications. Our team, many of whom are legally qualified help to validate compliance and the implementation of the principles of ISO 26000.

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All our auditors are experts in ESG and sustainability areas

Our secret weapon are our auditors. They are practical, highly understanding of social risks and excellent communicators. They add significant value to clients on their certification journey. They are our main value proposition to the clients selecting Speeki Europe as their certification partner.

Meet ISO 26000 Expert

Pauline Bailly

Pauline is the leader of our Assurance and Certifications business. Pauline is now the lead for all assurance solutions across Speeki. She has a detail-oriented and practical approach to helping companies prove the value of their ESG efforts to stakeholders through Assurance.

Meet ISO 37001 Expert - Pauline Bailly

Gain a certificate for your social responsibility programme in four steps

Social responsibility is now a mandatory corporate action in light of the growing stakeholder and legal requirements in ESG & Sustainability. There is now a standard published by ISO that speeds up the process. Following these guidelines and receiving a certificate of assurance is now possible in four steps.

Ascertain ISO 26000 Certification through a four step process with Speeki

Take the definitive step towards compliance with the ISO 26000 guidleines with a certification through Speeki Europe.
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Choose a ISO 26000 certification body

The selection of an experienced and accredited certification body is crucial. Speeki Europe, boasts unrivalled expertise in ESG & Sustainability, a key tenet in ISO 26000. With over a decade of experience building ESG based programmes, we have certified companies globally, reinforcing our stature as leaders in the domain.

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Grasp the ISO 26000 standard

The simplicity of ISO 26000 belies the importance of comprehending the guidelines and knowing how to put them into practice. Speeki Europe, while maintaining an impartial stance, is poised to offer training and practice audits to ensure you are well-acquainted with the ISO 26000 guidelines. We know the guidelines very well and know how to manage audits.

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Implement the standard

With insights into ISO 26000, it’s time for you to implement your social responsibility programme that aligns with the guidelines. If your organisation already possesses all or part of a social responsibility (or even CSR, ESG or Sustainability programme)  augmenting it to meet ISO 26000 should be a smooth transition.

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Get your ISO 26000 certificate

With a programme in place, you can proceed to verification by Speeki to obtain your ISO 26000 certificate. Speeki will conduct an audit to validate your organisation's compliance with the guidelines. Certification is valid for three years, involving an extensive audit in the first year and follow-up audits in subsequent years to address any changes.

If you are successful in the audit, you will be issued a certificate that your programme meets the ISO 26000 standard.

This certificate will demonstrate to your stakeholders that your organisation has adopted and implemented the guidelines. It is the ultimate way to prove the value of your efforts and be rewarded for all your hard work in building a social responsibility programme.

Building a better business that is more socially responsible is the aim of ISO 26000

ISO 26000 brings numerous benefits. It establishes a social responsible business and builds stakeholder trust. By validating your programme, significant value is added through holding you accountable to the high standards of the guidelines.

ISO 26000 FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about ISO 26000. Feel free to send us your questions if you are unable to find your answers here.
What is ISO 26000 certification?

ISO 26000 certification is unique because ISO 26000 is a set of guidelines rather than a mandatory standard. The certification shows that a company has implemented according to those guidelines. It demonstrates commitment to social responsibility.

What does ISO 26000 encompass?

ISO 26000 outlines guidelines for establishing, implementing, and maintaining a social responsibility programme.

How much does ISO 26000 certification cost?

The cost of ISO 26000 certification varies depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, the complexity of operations, and the certification body. We can get you a quote to start your budgeting.

What can ISO 26000 be applied to prevent?

ISO 26000 is applied to prevent issues like modern day slavery, underage workers, gender equality, fair and honest practices, and respect for society. It helps establish policies, procedures, and controls for identifying and mitigating each of these risks.

What is the meaning of social responsibility?

The essential characteristic of social responsibility is the willingness of an organization to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision making and be accountable for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment.

What is the principle of social responsibility?

A fundamental principle of social responsibility is respect for the rule of law and compliance with legally binding obligations. Social responsibility, however, also entails actions beyond legal compliance and the recognition of obligations to others that are not legally binding.

What is the difference between standards, guidelines and those that can be certified.

Standards are of different types. The management system standards are easily certifiable. Other standards like ISO 26000 are more akin to guidelines are certifiable but in a different way to a management system standard.

How does ISO 26000 connect with other standards like ISO 37001?

ISO 26000 does discuss some areas around ethics and anti-bribery which is covered under ISO 37001. However, it is high level and just one of many areas that contribute to social responsibility of companies.

Is ISO 26000 mandatory?

ISO 26000 is not mandatory but is highly recommended for organisations seeking to establish a robust social responsibility programme. It's a globally recognised standard that enhances reputation and builds trust.

What is the concept of transparency built into ISO 26000?

A company should disclose in a clear, accurate and complete manner, and to a reasonable and sufficient degree, the policies, decisions and activities for which it is responsible, including their known and likely impacts on society and the environment.

How does ISO 26000 benefit companies?

ISO 26000 helps companies base their behavior on standards, guidelines or rules of conduct that are in accordance with accepted principles of right or good conduct in the context of specific situations, even when these situations are challenging.

Can small businesses benefit from ISO 26000?

Absolutely! ISO 26000 is suitable for companies of any size. Small businesses can equally benefit from enhanced reputation, compliance, and trust from stakeholders by adopting social responsibility.

Is ISO 26000 recognised globally?

Yes, ISO 26000 is a global standard for social responsibility and is recognised and respected worldwide.

How do I select a certification body for ISO 26000?

Choose an accredited certification body with experience in ISO 26000. Evaluate their credentials, expertise, and client testimonials. Speeki Europe is a reputable certification body with vast experience.

How is ISO 26000 certification maintained?

ISO 26000 certification is maintained through continual improvement, regular internal audits, and periodic surveillance audits by the certification body to ensure ongoing compliance with the standard.

How long does it take to become ISO 26000 certified?

The timeframe for ISO 26000 certification varies depending on the size and complexity of the company, but it typically takes several months from the initial steps to the final certification.

What are the legal implications of not having a social responsibility system?

Without a system, companies are more vulnerable to legal consequences, including fines, penalties, and reputational damage if found in violation of various laws like bribery, workplace issues, modern day slavery etc.

Who needs to be involved in the implementation of ISO 26000?

The implementation of ISO 26000 involves top management, compliance officers, legal, HR, finance, procurement, and all employees to ensure a comprehensive approach to social responsibility.

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