Suppliers and members of the public have a voice as well

New legislation in Europe and similar legislation expanding globally, requires companies to encourage suppliers and members of the community to report issues associated with human rights or the environment. They need a simple and effective solution to report and your company needs a simple and effective solution to receive, triage and manage investigations.

Speeki has that solution. It is a solution for any company, in any country to give suppliers and members of the public, a voice. It is the perfect addition to your existing 'internal' whistleblowing system.

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A reporting system designed for suppliers and the public

The Speeki platform is ideal for use in the supply chain and the community. It can act as a standalone system specifically for this purpose or it can be used to replace your existing 'internal' whistleblowing system. It meets all the requirements of all whistleblowing legislation and guidelines such as ISO 37002.

Great for small suppliers

Suppliers can simply download an app on their phone and report an issue to ANY company that uses Speeki.  They can also call or use a web solution.

Gives a voice to the community

You don't need to be a supplier to use Speeki. Anyone can download the Speeki App and anyone can report an issue to any company that uses Speeki.

ESG reporting and feedback system

Any language means reporting is truly global

Right out of the box, Speeki is already available in every language.  No need to pay for translations or deal with the delay of translations.

Ongoing connections to reporters with messaging

You can engage with the reporter after they report (even if they are anonymous) through a simple messaging app (also in any language).

Best practice is a separate reporting solution for suppliers and the community.

While it is entirely possible to 'extend' your internal whistleblowing system to cover reports from anywhere, anyone, and from any device, most current systems can't handle it. Best practice would be to separate it and allow Speeki to be the provider of community and supplier reporting.

Speeki is designed to be super easy to report

With our focus on easy ways to report and using a AI-driven digital assistant to help, Speeki is super easy for anyone to master in seconds. No training required.

Speeki was designed as internationally ready

We embedded technology into the app to help international speakers and even those that are illiterate to use the app simply and using any language voice-to-text features.

Incident management for ESG Programme

Once a report is received, the Speeki case management features kick in to help manage the case.

The Speeki incident management features of the Speeki platform let you manage the entire end-to-end triage and investigation of a report. The system can be your sole location for all incidents, reports and investigations.

Very easy
The Speeki platform is simple to use. You can assign tasks, separate access and classify issues with ease.
Feature rich
With new features being added with each release, the Speeki Platform is feature-rich and constantly adds more value and automation.

More than just software

Our mantra at Speeki is that it's more than just software. It is a 'system' that gives suppliers and the community a voice. Unlike a pure software provider, we can help build that system for you.

Be ready for triage and investigations

If you don't have procedures in place to handle reports, then you definitely should think about outsourcing. It's only a matter of time. Speeki can help.

Building trust is key

Engagement with suppliers and the community is part of the solution. Respect, trust, openness, transparency, honesty and ethics. Building that ecosystem trust is key. Speeki can help.

What suppliers want
ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has helped companies build comprehensive whistleblowing solutions both for their own use as well as dedicated to their supply chains. He has been a pioneer in leading the industry on programmes and has significant experience in both building programmes as well as conducting triage and investigations on allegations raised through the reports submitted.

Scott Lane

Why is a separate reporting system for suppliers and the community a good idea.

We believe that a separate system is a good idea. Here are our top reaons why.

Different audience

The audience of the reporting system with suppliers and the community is different from your in-house employees. Different marketing and communication channels and different needs from users means some separation would be easier and advisable. Getting the community and your supply chain reporting issues will take some work and is different to the value proposition of having employees report.

The issues raised are likely to be quite different

The issues being raised by suppliers or by the community are likely to be different to issues being reported by internal employees. Suppliers and the community are likely to raise issues around quality, safety, brand, payment disputes, and perhaps contractual issues vs. employees that are most likely to raise HR issues and management issues.

'Universal' reporting system for suppliers

Speeki is one app that allows reporters to report on the same system to any number of companies. As long as they use Speeki (which can be easily identified on the app) then they don't need to follow any specific company mandated system. The more companies that use Speeki, the more universal it will become and the easier it will be for suppliers and the community.

Clarity on meeting legal requirements

There is an increasing demand from regulators that a voice be given to suppliers and the community at large. Meeting these regulatory requirements is important and your system will be judged on these requirements. Keeping it simple and separate is the safest way of ensuring compliance.

Triage and investigation simplicity

Because of the different issues being raised, there is likely to be different investigation procedures. There will be contractual issues to be thinking about and procedural fairness to suppliers. The 'public' nature of these reports from 'non-employees' also means things are likely to be published and common knowledge.

It's free to report on Speeki

There is no charge to download or report things using Speeki. The cost of Speeki is on the company, never the reporter. The solution is ideal for a worldwide user base model that does not charge for access to the reporting apps.

Speeki is the solution for whistleblowing and reporting for suppliers and the community.

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