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ISO 37000 Governance Certification

Build comfort from investors, partners, and customers that your corporate governance structures meet or exceed best practice and International standards. By meeting the ISO 37000 Governance Guidelines and having this validated by Speeki Europe, you are well on your way to establishing leading practices on corporate governance.

Benefits of ISO 37000 Certification

There are several reasons why we believe the ISO 37000 is the best way to manage corporate governance.

Reduced risk of fiduciary breaches and liability

ISO 37000 supports boards to understand their fiduciary and legal obligations of being a director and being responsible for corporate governance. Understanding those duties helps manage risk from regulators or shareholders and derivative actions.

Improved long-term stakeholder value generation

Good governance promotes effective oversight of the organization and thus helps to ensure alignment between the organizational purpose, strategy, activities, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This improves long-term stakeholder value generation.

Improved organizational resilience and performance

Increased investor and creditor confidence

Effective leadership and oversight, holistic decision making, transparency and effective stakeholder relations, sustainability considerations and certainty of compliance management all contribute to increased confidence in the organization. In turn, this can improve access to capital and reduce the cost of capital.

ISO 37000: Validating your corporate governance system and driving continual performance.

Good governance means that decision-making within the organization is based on the organization’s ethos, culture, norms, practices, behaviours, structures and processes.  Good governance creates and maintains an organization with a clear purpose that delivers long-term value consistent with the expectations of its relevant stakeholders. The implementation of good governance is based on leadership, values, and a framework of mechanisms, processes and structures that are appropriate for the organization’s internal and external context.

Benefits of Partnering with Speeki Europe for an ISO 37000 Certification

At Speeki Europe, we are dedicated to assisting organisations in elevating their governance, risk and compliance systems through an ISO certification. Our comprehensive approach and unyielding commitment to excellence empower your business to not only meet but surpass global governance standards.

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Embrace ISO 37000 with a Speeki Europe certification

Speeki Europe, is an ANAB and COFRAC* accredited certification body for management systems. While there is no accreditation system for ISO 37000, Speeki provides its certification services according to the same standards. We are leaders in certification in governance and compliance and have the competency to support companies on their governance journey.

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Global Expertise in ISO 37000 and corporate governance.

Speeki Europe's global reach and expertise in governance and ISO 37000 make us the ideal partner in your certification journey. Through your certification, you gain access to the wisdom and insights of seasoned professionals who have completed Institute of Company Director Training and training on Governance from Hardvard Business School.

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All our auditors are experts on governance and boards.

Our secret weapon are our auditors. They are practical with an expert level understanding of corporate governance systems, director duties and the functioning of boards. They add significant value to clients on their certification journey. They are our main value proposition to the clients selecting Speeki as their certification partner.

Meet ISO 37000 Expert

Scott Lane

Scott is a 25+ year corporate lawyer admitted to practice in multiple jurisdictions.  He has been advising management teams, boards, audit committees on governance and fiduciary duties for a large part of his career. Scott has completed courses at Harvard Business School, The Wharton School, Cambridge, Northwestern, INSEAD, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Scott is a leader in Governance and understands the nuances of corporate life having been a part of it and advising Fortune 500 companies over the last 18 years.

Certify your Governance system with ISO 37000 in four steps

Many global companies working internationally are acutely aware of their obligations to have a governance system. There is now a set of guidelines published by ISO that speeds up the governance process. Speeki Europe offers certification of their governance system according to these ISO 37000 guidelines.

Ascertain ISO 37000 Certification through a four step process with Speeki

Take the definitive step towards global governance excellence with an ISO 37000 certification through Speeki Europe. We are the experts in certifying governance systems that are in harmony with ISO 37000 guidelines.
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Choose an ISO 37000 certification body

The selection of an experienced and accredited certification body is crucial. Speeki Europe, boasts an unrivalled expertise in ISO 37000 because of the quality of our audit team.  Our auditors are trained corporate lawyers with decades of experience.

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Grasp the ISO 37000 guidelines

The simplicity of ISO 37000 belies the importance of comprehending the guidelines. Speeki Europe, while maintaining an impartial stance, is poised to offer training and practice audits to ensure you are well-acquainted with the ISO 37000 guidelines. We know the guidelines very well and know how to manage audits. We have a host of training through the Speeki Academy to support your continued learning.

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Implement your governance system

With insights into ISO 37000, it’s time for you to implement your Governance system that aligns with the guidelines. Your governance system will incorporate policies, procedures, and controls designed to manage corporate governance across the company. If your organisation already possesses an established system, augmenting it to meet ISO 37000 should be a smooth transition.

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Get your ISO 37000 certification

With a system in place, you're ready to pursue ISO 37000 certification. Speeki Europe will conduct an audit to validate your organisation's compliance with the guidelines. The Speeki Europe Certification is valid for three years, involving an extensive audit in the first year and follow-up audits in subsequent years to address any changes.

If you are successful in the audit, you will be issued a certificate of conformity to ISO 37000 guidelines.

This certificate will demonstrate to your stakeholders that your organisation is committed to a functioning and effective governance system. It is the ultimate way to prove the value of your governance efforts and be rewarded for all your hard work in building a great system.

Business Advantages for getting ISO 37000 certified

ISO 37000 certification brings numerous benefits. It establishes the documentation for a governance system, documents your business purpose and values, mitigates risks, and ensures a structure on how the company is managed. Achieving certification, boosts your reputation as a well-run and purpose driven responsible organisation. Gain a competitive edge, enhance transparency, and build stakeholder trust through ISO 37000 certification.

ISO 37000 FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about ISO 37000 Certification. Feel free to send us your questions if you are unable to find your answers here.
What is ISO 37000 certification?

ISO 37000 certification signifies that an organisation has implemented a governance system that meets international standards. It demonstrates commitment to purpose driven practices and compliance with various laws and directives requiring governance.

What does ISO 37000 encompass?

ISO 37000 outlines requirements for establishing, implementing, and maintaining a Governance system designed to help organisations decision making, managing risk and driving a purpose drive organisation.

How much does ISO 37000 certification cost?

The cost of ISO 37000 certification varies depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, the complexity of operations, and the certification body. We can get you a quote to start your budgeting.

What can ISO 37000 be applied to prevent?

ISO 37000 is applied to establish policies, procedures, and systems for governance. This includes the way the business is governed, the separation of board and management and the management of risk.

What is the meaning of governance?

A governance system is a human-based system by which an organization is directed, overseen, and held accountable for achieving its defined purpose.

What is the principle of governance?

Governance is a set of principles and recommendations that can guide those governing organizations to understand and fulfil their responsibilities, so that the organization that they govern can fulfil its purpose.

Can a governance system be country based or global?

Typically, a governance system is central and applies globally.

What is the governance system as referred to in ISO 37000?

Governance is a human-based system which includes setting and committing to the organizational purpose and organizational values, directing and engaging with strategy to generate value and overseeing that the organization performs and behaves according to the expectations set by the governing body.

Is ISO 37000 mandatory?

ISO 37000 is not mandatory but is highly recommended for organisations seeking to establish a robust corporate governance framework. It's a globally recognised guidelines that enhances reputation and builds trust.

Why is this a good idea?

With the increasing rate of change and complexity within which organizations operate, good governance promotes holistic consideration of the organization, its purpose, and the context within which it operates, resulting in improved decision-making.

How does ISO 37000 benefit organisations?

Good governance promotes effective oversight of the organization and thus helps to ensure alignment between the organizational purpose, strategy, and improves long-term stakeholder value generation.

Can small businesses benefit from ISO 37000?

Absolutely! ISO 37000 is suitable for organisations of any size. Small businesses can equally benefit from enhanced reputation, compliance, and trust from stakeholders by adopting these guidelines.

Is ISO 37000 recognised globally?

Yes, ISO 37000 is a global standard for governance systems and is recognised and respected worldwide. It helps organisations align with international best practices in corporate governance.

How do I select a certification body for ISO 37000?

Choose a certification body with experience in ISO 37000. Evaluate their credentials and especially the expertise of their lead auditors.

How is ISO 37000 certification maintained?

ISO 37000 certification is maintained through continual improvement, regular internal audits, and periodic surveillance audits by the certification body to ensure ongoing compliance with the guidelines.

How long does it take to become ISO 37000 certified?

The timeframe for ISO 37000 certification varies depending on the size and complexity of the organisation, but it typically takes one or two weeks from the initial steps to the final certification.

What are the legal implications of not having a governance system?

Without a governance system, organisations are more vulnerable to breaches of statutory and common law duties.

Who needs to be involved in the implementation of ISO 37000?

The implementation of ISO 37000 involves top management, legal, and the Board.

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