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ISO 37008: Internal investigations

An investigations system allows you to conduct investigations professionally, impartially, confidentially, legally and lawfully, and competently.

Benefits of ISO 37008 certification

There are several reasons why we believe ISO 37008 is the best way to improve your investigation process.

Better investigations are likely faster investigations

Whether you are using internal or external resources, saving time means saving money. Having a clear set of documented processes that have been validated as correct and certified will ensure a seamless investigation process.

Increased transparency and accountability

ISO 37008 will require you to have clear and mandated investigation policies and procedures, fostering trust among stakeholders. By publishing policies, conducting training and demonstrating commitment, organisations gain greater stakeholder buy-in and exhibit a serious approach to conducting investigations.

Improved compliance with laws and regulations

ISO 37008 aligns with various laws worldwide that touch on investigations, including privacy, document access, privilege and confidentiality. Operate across multiple countries with different laws while following the unified ISO 37008 guidelines.

Enhanced reputation by proving compliance

ISO 37008 certification from Speeki Europe, an accredited ISO certification body, elevates your organisation's reputation as responsible and ethical. Gain the brand presence of a certification and attract customers, investors and employees who value a strong investigations culture.

ISO 37008: Building a strong framework to conduct investigations with Speeki

Strengthen your organisation's investigations with ISO 37008 certification from Speeki Europe. Our comprehensive services help you build a resilient framework, prevent failed investigations and streamline compliance with oversight and reporting laws. Conduct more efficient, safer and faster investigations by following a known set of guidelines.

Benefits of partnering with Speeki Europe for an ISO 37008 certification of your investigations system

At Speeki Europe, we are dedicated to assisting organisations in elevating their non-financial activities through appropriate certifications. Our comprehensive approach and unyielding commitment to excellence empower your business to not only meet but surpass global standards and guidelines.

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Strengthen your compliance with investigations compliance

Many companies master their anti-bribery and key compliance areas but forget to master their investigation skills and protocols. They leave this to 'best practices' and the fact that their investigators are 'trained'. Despite training, the system that the investigators use must also be a strength.

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Our expertise in laws and regulations around investigations helps validate your system

We understand the laws that apply to investigations and will ensure that your investigations system is designed to meet or exceed those laws. Our focus is to leave nothing to chance so that your system accurately reflects current laws and best practices.

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All our auditors are experts in compliance and investigations and support best practices

Our secret weapon is our auditors. They are practical and have a comprehensive understanding of current investigative practices. While they are auditors, they add significant value to clients on their certification journey. They are our main value proposition for clients selecting Speeki as their certification partner.

Meet an ISO 37008 expert

Scott Lane

Scott is a 20+ year lawyer and compliance expert. He has advised hundreds of companies on compliance and investigations in over 70 countries. Scott is an ISO lead auditor for anti-bribery, compliance, the environment and information security. Scott is a known industry presenter and enjoys helping companies improve stakeholder relationships through assurance.

Certify your investigations system with ISO 37008 in four steps

Many global companies working internationally are acutely aware of their obligations to have robust investigative practices. There is now a set of guidelines published by ISO that speeds up the validation process and allows companies to be certified for their adherence to the guidelines.

Attain ISO 37008 certification through a four-step process with Speeki

Take the definitive step towards global investigations best practice with ISO 37008 certification through Speeki Europe. We are your ally in certifying a robust investigations system that is in harmony with ISO 37008 guidelines.
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Choose an ISO 37008 certification body

It is crucial to select an experienced and accredited certification body. Speeki Europe boasts unrivalled expertise in all governance-related ISO standards, including ISO 37008. With over a decade of experience building compliance and investigation programmes, we have certified companies globally, reinforcing our status as leaders in the domain.

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Grasp the ISO 37008 requirements

The simplicity of ISO 37008 belies the importance of comprehending its requirements. Speeki Europe, while maintaining an impartial stance, is poised to offer training and practice audits to ensure you are well-acquainted with the ISO 37008 guidelines. We know the guidelines very well and know how to manage audits. We will provide training when necessary to help bridge any knowledge gaps.

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Implement an investigations system

With insights into ISO 37008, it’s time for you to implement an investigations system that aligns with the standard. Your investigations system incorporates policies, procedures and controls designed to allow you to conduct investigations professionally, impartially, confidentially, legally and lawfully, and competently. If you already have established practices, then this process will be easy.

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Validate your ISO 37008 compliance

With an investigations system in place, you're ready to pursue ISO 37008 certification. Speeki Europe will conduct an audit to validate your organisation's compliance with the guidelines. Certification is valid for three years and involves a comprehensive audit in the first year and follow-up audits in subsequent years to address any changes.

Get your ISO 37008 certification

A certificate of ISO 37008 conformity will demonstrate to your stakeholders that your organisation is committed to conducting investigations professionally, impartially, confidentially, legally and lawfully, and competently. It is the ultimate way to prove the value of your investigative efforts and be rewarded for all your hard work in building an investigations system.

Business advantages for getting ISO 37008 certified

ISO 37008 certification brings numerous benefits. It establishes an investigations system, mitigates risk and ensures compliance with investigation procedures. Certification from a recognised certification body such as Speeki Europe boosts your reputation as a strong and ethically responsible organisation. Gain a competitive edge, enhance transparency and build stakeholder trust through ISO 37008 certification.

ISO 37008 FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about ISO 37008 certification. Feel free to send us your questions if you cannot find answers here.
What is ISO 37008 certification?

ISO 37008 certification signifies that an organisation has implemented an investigations system that meets international standards. It demonstrates a commitment to conducting fair and impartial internal investigations.

What does ISO 37008 encompass?

ISO 37008 outlines requirements for conducting internal investigations, from initial report to case wrap-up and reporting. The guidelines walk you through best practices in internal investigations and provide a roadmap for implementation.

How much does ISO 37008 certification cost?

The cost of ISO 37008 certification varies depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, the complexity of operations and the certification body. We can get you a quote so you can start budgeting. It is typically under USD10,000/year.

What can ISO 37008 fix?

ISO 37008 is used to improve internal investigations. It helps establish policies, procedures and controls for conducting investigations across any company issue.

What is meant by ‘investigations’ in this context?

Typically, investigations relate to the steps taken to manage a complaint or feedback around some type of misconduct allegation inside a company. The process followed to conduct that investigation is detailed in ISO 37008.

What are the main principles in ISO 37008?

The basic principles of an investigation conducted under the ISO 37008 guidelines are professional, independent, confidential, objective, impartial, legal and lawful.

What is the difference between a standard and a guideline?

ISO 37008 is technically a set of guidelines for which Speeki Europe provides its own service for certification. A standard in ISO nomenclature is a stronger and larger system that is more managed by ISO. A guideline is typically more straightforward to adopt and follow.

Do I have to build an entire management system to meet ISO 37008?

No. Unlike a 'standard', the guidelines are less stringent. You should be building a 'system' around investigations; however, it may fall short of being an ISO 'management system'.

Is ISO 37008 mandatory?

No. ISO 37008 is not mandatory but is highly recommended for organisations seeking to establish a robust investigations framework. It is a set of globally recognised guidelines that support other ISO standards like ISO 37001 and ISO 37301.

What is the investigations policy?

Section 6 of the guidelines discusses having a comprehensive policy around investigations. This policy sets out your primary position on key elements of your investigations system.

How does ISO 37008 benefit organisations?

ISO 37008 helps with conducting investigations so you can continue to comply with bribery risks, ensuring compliance with laws, enhancing reputation, increasing stakeholder trust and improving operational efficiency by implementing a structured investigations system.

Can small businesses benefit from ISO 37008?

Absolutely! ISO 37008 is suitable for organisations of any size. Small businesses can equally benefit from enhanced procedures to manage investigations that help show your customers you take issues seriously when they are raised.

Is ISO 37008 recognised globally?

Yes, ISO 37008 is a global set of guidelines for conducting internal investigations that is recognised and respected worldwide. It helps organisations align with international best practices in conducting investigations.

How do I select a certification body for ISO 37008?

Choose a certification body with experience in ISO 37008. Evaluate their credentials, expertise and client testimonials. Speeki Europe is a reputable certification body with vast experience in compliance.

How is ISO 37008 certification maintained?

ISO 37008 certification is maintained through continual improvement, regular internal audits and periodic surveillance audits by the certification body to ensure ongoing compliance with the guidelines.

How long does it take to become ISO 37008 certified?

The timeframe for ISO 37008 certification varies depending on the size and complexity of the organisation, but it typically takes a few weeks from the initial steps to the final certification.

What are the legal implications of not having an investigations system?

Without a proper investigations system, organisations are more vulnerable to claims of investigation bias and mismanagement. You may also end up breaching local laws, breaching agreements with unions, or having issues with shareholders.

Who needs to be involved in the implementation of ISO 37008?

The implementation of ISO 37008 involves top management, internal audit, compliance officers, legal, HR, finance, procurement and all employees to ensure a comprehensive approach to investigations.

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