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Embracing ESG strategy: what makes a great company

Scott Lane
June 12, 2024

Episode notes

ESG is behavioural. The traditional definition of ESG is very heavily focused on just the ‘E’ in ESG, but leaders are now having to deal with a lot more issues – complex issues around globalisation, politics and economics, which are far more pronounced now than they were previously.

In this episode, we discuss a clear step-by-step path for companies to integrate ESG at every level, and have conversations that will challenge you to abandon your current thinking and use the principles of ESG to drive business performance, build value for customers and protect the community and the planet. Join the conversation with Scott Lane, founder and CEO of Speeki, and host Graham Brown.

What is Hear All Voices?

Welcome to the Hear All Voices podcast by Speeki, where our host Scott Lane will bring you a fresh perspective on all things ESG. Learn about ESG in the context of what makes great companies and how to grow your business and connect with your stakeholders in an engaging way. Improve the way you manage environmental risks and social risks, and the way in which you govern your business.

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