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Integrity as part of corporate DNA, with Ilija Gospodinov

Scott Lane
June 12, 2024

Episode notes

In today's rapidly changing business environment, the importance of building a culture of compliance cannot be overstated. Achieving this objective requires overcoming a range of challenges, particularly in the area of values alignment. One of the most significant hurdles is building an organisation that not only recognises the company's values, but truly embodies them.

In this episode, we talk about the modern approach to compliance and ethics, and how Endava's move towards integrity has transformed its organisational culture. We also emphasise the importance of establishing a system of checks and balances to monitor compliance and identify potential risks, and taking swift action to address any found violations.

Join Ilija Gospodinov, Head of Integrity and Legal Operations of Endava, and host Scott Lane as they discuss how this approach takes into account legal compliance and organisational culture, and how it has been received by leadership and employees alike – ultimately building a culture of compliance and a shared commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability. 

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