Hear All Voices Podcast

Leveraging social listening in your ESG toolkit, with Jochem Verberg

Scott Lane
December 7, 2023

Episode notes

We know that the effort put into our organisations’ environmental social governance programmes does not stop after the build stage – monitoring and measuring is absolutely key. And part of monitoring and measuring involves data: reviewing data, understanding data, and hopefully one day getting to a stage where you can use that data to predict when issues might happen. In this episode, we talk about how to search through the 60 billion communications exchanged every day to try to locate information about your business and its ESG initiatives. How do we find accurate information? How can we rapidly locate it? How can we discover it in a way that has an effect on our business and motivates some of our monitoring and measuring?

Join the conversation with Jochem Verberg, Co-founder of Tricycle Europe, and host Scott Lane.

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