ESG Voices: Integrating Sustainability Into Business

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ESG Voices: Integrating Sustainability Into Business

Article by Richard Turner, Chief Editor at KnowESG

As the effects of anthropogenic climate change become commonplace, the ‘upside’ is the erosion of institutional and corporate resistance, in some cases, to refuting the change we face. This means that global business, whether multinational or SME, is looking for ways to understand, rationalise, and ultimately integrate ESG strategies that benefit business operations through the challenging process of transitioning to sustainability.

This is indeed both the challenge and opportunity of the era. And, while some companies have risen to devise solutions that provide us with specific technologies or defined processes to implement certain components of ESG, there is an enormous need to assist companies in navigating all that such a small acronym, ESG, can portend. The key is to find the right knowledge that can assist you, as a business operative, to know where and how to take action so that it leads to optimal impact in the specific context of your business. 

Without the right knowledge, companies could fall prey to adopting strategies that simply do not fit, resulting in mid- to long-term damage and lessened prospects for robust adaptation to an evolving business landscape.

With this in mind, we spoke to Scott Lane, CEO of Speeki, an ESG software, consulting & assurance business that helps companies globally manage the complexity of ESG and sustainability programmes. With a background in technology, law, governance, compliance, assurance and programme building, Scott leads a team of professionals that strive to make ESG and sustainability a valuable business proposition.

As a passionate entrepreneur who works closely with boards, management teams, executives and teams, his aim...