Introducing ESG Profile

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Introducing ESG Profile

ESG is an evolving business challenge that is not going away. In fact, it is likely to increase significantly, with ESG tipped to be the most prominent regulatory focus for companies in 2023 and beyond. More than 20 countries already require some form of ESG reporting.

Speeki is changing how companies manage and track their ESG activities, helping them to build up the documentation and dataset they need to report the results of their programmes to stakeholders and regulators. 

ESG Profile: Manage your ESG programmes using a consistent framework and a powerful reporting functionality

ESG Profile provides companies with a means to document all their ESG-related activities in a consistent manner using the Speeki Engage™ framework – an interdisciplinary framework and roadmap to help companies plan, design, measure and report on their ESG programmes.

The ESG Profile is based on 19 key ESG areas, and you can choose which to focus on based on what is important to your company.

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The ESG Profile consists of:

  • profile data entry – companies can clearly and consistently describe the ESG programmes and management systems they use, with variations for different business units and geographies
  • smart tagging – tagging allows companies to describe their programmes in a structured data format, allowing them to tie together stakeholder needs, risks, obligations and objectives

Building your ESG profile is the start of ESG management. Setting your goals and objectives and starting to visualise risk is all part of your ESG journey. Start today and:

  • document your individual risk topic programmes according to the Engage framework
  • track and demonstrate your progress against each risk topic
  • identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • prioritise your risk areas
  • allocate licences to your programme owners
  • easily report key metrics to your stakeholders
  • be ready to report your programme metrics using the ESRS, GRI or other popular standards.

Learn more about ESG Profile here, or contact us directly to discuss how ESG Profile can help you document, track and manage your ESG initiatives.