Introducing Speeki Social

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Introducing Speeki Social

An essential and challenging part of truly ‘hearing all voices’ is understanding why, where and how conversations take place. People give out more information about potential misconduct or issues to be addressed than you would think, but you need to seek out that information.

There is a lot to learn when you give employees, customers, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders a voice and listen to them in multiple places, not just through your traditional whistleblowing system. A good starting point is to focus on what is being reported through different channels of communication.

At Speeki we are passionate about helping companies build better governance programmes as part of their ESG initiatives. We have seen that proactive use and monitoring of social media can help you collect more data and information, allowing you to maximise the potential of your whistleblowing programmes and make smarter strategic decisions based on richer insights. Social media listening is a great way to identify and monitor issues such as quality, discrimination, workplace bullying, safety or sales, and involves careful listening, filtering and interpretation of data.

In collaboration with our partner Tricycle, an international B2B growth partner for leaders, sellers and marketers who want to grow their visibility, pipeline and brand, Speeki Social uses social listening techniques to pick up online references to your organisation – both overt and coded – in the dynamic world of social media. With Speeki Social, you are able to enrich and validate insights derived from other signals, giving you the understanding and control to manage your social media reputation.

'Every day, 60 billion messages are being sent across all social channels. We filter, analyse and make sense of all that data, so you can better understand why, where and how conversations are happening, and not just when your brand is being mentioned. Speeki Social transforms data to actionable insights, and turns social into a strategic tool,' says Tricycle Owner and Co-Founder Jochem Verberg.

Key benefits of Speeki Social

Speeki Social_PR_Key benefits

The Speeki Social system consolidates all the social media mentions of your brand into a cloud-based dashboard of insights that measure sentiment, trending words and phrase frequencies – helping you identify systemic issues and mitigate risks. The data collected is reviewed by Speeki and Tricycle, cleaned to eliminate irrelevant or trivial content, and validated where possible. You will receive periodic reports as well as guidance on how to modify your keyword selection to get the most valuable results.

Speeki Social brings together social listening and ESG expertise to provide you with actionable insights that can supplement your whistleblowing programme and drive initiative in your key ESG areas.

Discover what is being said but not formally reported about your ESG initiatives and risk areas by those beyond your traditional sources.