Speeki launches an all-in-one ESG management platform

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Speeki launches an all-in-one ESG management platform

The importance of ESG management cannot be overstated; ESG considerations have evolved from mere ethics to key indicators of a company's sustainability, responsibility and long-term viability. This shift has brought to the forefront the critical need for an ESG management platform that not only facilitates sustainable practices but also ensures compliance with stringent regulatory reporting standards.

‎Introducing Speeki: an all-in-one ESG management platform 

The Speeki Platform has been designed to meet the needs of corporate ESG teams who require a solution to build and manage their ESG and sustainability programmes as well as produce reports to meet reporting standards such as ESRS and other standards.

‘Speeki’s philosophy is that every ESG programme element should be well-designed and managed, following recognised standards to gather ample data for reporting to stakeholders and regulators,’ says Jenna Kim, Product Director at Speeki. ‘To help clients design, develop and manage their ESG programmes, Speeki offers the Engage™ framework, which enhances established management system standards that Speeki certifies as part of its assurance work as an accredited ISO certification body. Engage is also one of the key elements of the Speeki Platform.’


‎Efficient ESG programme documentation with the Speeki Platform

The Speeki Platform is our technology solution to help consistently document ESG- and sustainability-related activities across all ESG areas using the Engage framework. The platform is pre-built with 19 changeable key ESG areas to guide clients on those areas that are most material to their company.

As clients build their programmes for each relevant ESG area, the platform uses smart tagging to support programme variances between business units and to align data towards a certain reporting standard. Tagging also allows clear linkages between a programme and its requirements, risks, objectives and actions to ensure it can be extracted according to various reporting standards.

Integrated functionality for a comprehensive ESG approach  

To provide integrated functionality and maximise value to clients’ ESG programmes, the Speeki Platform also includes:

  • incident and case management, which, when combined with the Speeki mobile app, allows anyone to report misconduct, issues and incidents and provide anonymous or open feedback about ESG and other compliance matters
  • powerful survey tools to engage with stakeholders and collect useful information
  • Declare & Disclose, which allows users to confirm information and provides for inbound communications
  • additional functionality with an email communication and tracking system – and an integrated learning management system and document repository are coming in early 2024.

Partnering in the ESG journey  

To help clients build out their ESG programmes, Speeki provides additional support and content in the form of:

  • guidance on how to use the Engage methodology as well as specific content on reporting
  • training for ESG leaders on key topics via access to the Speeki Academy 
  • templates for policies, procedures and guidelines across many ESG areas 
  • forms and templates such as surveys and disclosures to gather vital information for understanding the state of ESG programmes.

Simplifying ESG reporting and communicating ESG progress 

The reporting functionality allows clients to simply export the information they need to publicise the progress of their initiatives to both internal and external stakeholders. The reporting functionality of the platform enables:

  • topic-specific reports showcasing progress and facilitating assessment by internal and external stakeholders via comprehensive coverage of key ESG areas (e.g. waste management, diversity and anti-corruption) 
  • structured reports that use standard formats such as ESRS to present ESG initiatives to an external audience and support regulatory filings.

Automation and technology enable centralised management of all ESG activities

‘ESG and sustainability is a collaborative effort that involves multiple individuals working together across the company as part of a cohesive ESG programme,’ says Scott Lane, CEO and Founder of Speeki and an active leader in the ESG risk areas for over 25 years. ‘To effectively coordinate and streamline these efforts it is imperative to utilise automation and technology that enables centralised management of all ESG activities – an integrated system for comprehensively documenting and tracking initiatives.’

For more information about the Speeki ESG Platform visit this page.

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