New strategic partnership: Speeki and Telelink Business Services Group

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New strategic partnership: Speeki and Telelink Business Services Group

Sofia, Bulgaria, 21 June 2022 | Speeki, a leading international provider of ESG, whistleblower reporting and compliance solutions and services, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Telelink Business Services Group (TBS Group), a technology integrator and managed services provider with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

Companies throughout the region, especially those in the European Union that are getting ready for the EU Whistleblowing Directive, are now utilising new app-based technologies to enable their employees and stakeholders to feel comfortable in expressing or reporting any concerns.

TBS Group understands the value of employing new technologies that align with today’s preferences to communicate digitally. It is for this reason that TBS Group has not only chosen to partner with Speeki, but has also decided to implement the Speeki Platform as part of its own compliance programme, cementing the belief that the Speeki Platform is best of breed. The implementation of the Speeki Platform will not only allow TBS Group to ‘hear all voices’, so its employees can report via their mobile devices – it will also enable them to advise their clients based on their own experience of using the platform.

The Speeki–TBS Group partnership will leverage Speeki’s global presence and expertise in cutting-edge technology and professional support services across ESG, whistleblowing and compliance areas, and TBS Group’s knowledge and expertise in providing new technologies as a differentiator throughout their region. The partnership will allow TBS Group to provide practical solutions for organisations’ compliance programmes and the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

‘Having Speeki as both partner and supplier will enable our colleagues at TBS Group to assure their clients and provide first-hand experience using our platform,’ says Speeki CEO Scott Lane. ‘We are very pleased with this strategic partnership in Europe and look forward to working with Telelink Business Services Group.’

‘This partnership with Speeki meets the demand for whistleblower reporting and compliance solutions. We are happy to announce the strategic partnership and look forward to successfully combining Speekis’ functional services with TBS Group’s high-tech solutions,’ stated the TBS Group team.

Both parties are excited about this partnership and the benefits it brings to both Speeki’s and TBS Group’s customers now and in the future.

Want to find out more? Contact Andrew Goy at for more information on Speeki’s partnership programme.

About Speeki

The Speeki Platform enables businesses to automate and operationalise ESG and compliance practices using app-first, AI-driven technology. At Speeki, we believe that companies should ‘hear all voices’ and the Speeki App gives employees a secure and safe way to report matters to management (even anonymously, if necessary) and operationalise governance and compliance tasks.

The SaaS-based Speeki Platform allows HR, legal, compliance and other executive teams to manage issues, conduct reviews, engage with reporters and conduct follow-up investigations in a secure workplace and case management centre.

As an accredited ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification body, Speeki provides a range of ISO certifications, audits, training and readiness assessments, guiding clients through the ISO certification process from start to finish. Speeki also has a long history of providing a range of consultancy services and has recently introduced ESG ratings across 19 key ESG risk areas, allowing clients to test their programmes against best practices and receive a rating.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

About Telelink Business Services Group

Telelink Business Services Group (TBS Group) is a technology integrator and managed services provider. Originally formed in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2004, TBS Group has gradually expanded in the region of the Western Balkans and the international market of global IT services. Today, TBS Group’s activities are focused on applying a holistic approach to the challenges of IT. TBS Group has over 220 employees, presence in seven countries and over 200 clients of different scale and industry domains, as well as a broad network of partnerships with global technological leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Dell EMC, IBM, VMWare, and now Speeki. The company’s mission is to simplify the complex and help its clients apply technology to achieve their goals.

Currently, TBS Group segments its technological know-how in seven distinct groups: enterprise connectivity, private cloud, lean infrastructure, information security, modern workplace, application services, and service provider specific. For each group, TBS Group provides consultancy, tailored project-based services, advanced support, and managed services. 

Telelink Business Services Group® – have the courage to embrace the digital transformation.

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