Switch to Speeki: a challenge to traditional compliance hotlines

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Switch to Speeki: a challenge to traditional compliance hotlines

Speeki is not a ‘compliance hotline’. While it is in the same class as compliance hotlines, it is different and offers so much more.

Firstly, Speeki is app-driven. We believe that the telephone model is outdated. Everyone now has a smartphone and the number of landlines has been rapidly decreasing. Mobile therefore must be at the centre of any solution in this space. That is why Speeki uses a mobile app as its primary platform. Wherever you are in the world – from Australia to Zambia – apps are widely available. To be frank, if you had a solution that was not app driven in today’s world it would be embarrassing.

For those that prefer a more ‘old-school’ approach and would rather use their computer to report issues and to otherwise engage, Speeki also supports browser usage. The web portal has the same functionality as the app and uses an identical approach.

Speeki also supports really old school. If you do not want to download the Speeki app or can’t access a laptop, then you can use a telephone (well, technically it’s VoIP, but you won’t notice that while you’re using it!). Of course, because Speeki is a driver of new technology, there’s different technology driving it than what is driving a usual compliance hotline, but it is available for you to engage with Speeki if you need it.

Speeki’s translations are live, immediate and right there on the app. We use technology rather than having a room full of multilingual speakers ready to answer the phone, and our translation technology is updated every time our provider updates their technology. The pace of automatic translations is like nothing we have seen, and will soon be better than natural speakers. Tech translations are by far the simplest way to get a conversation underway in almost any language.

Another Speeki difference is our digital assistant. Nicole is not just any digital assistant – she is a compliance expert. She is on her way to being a multi-faceted compliance officer at Speeki, and engaging with people about compliance or business-conduct issues is just part of her skillset. Come on the journey with Nicole and have her help you as much as she helps us.


At Speeki, we believe that our clients should hear all voices. You should hear the voices saying good things and the voices saying not-so-good things, and you should hear the voices from the entire spectrum of your stakeholders. You should hear about compliance issues, business issues, customer issues, employee issues and manager issues. And you should hear about things that are not compliance related or even whistleblowing issues, but other pieces of information that a company should know.

About Speeki

Speeki is a technology solution that is smarter, cheaper, more engaging and entirely different to the traditional compliance whistleblowing telephone line solution. It is about gathering information in a secure, safe space and then allowing companies the capacity and time to manage this information for the benefit of the reporter and the company.

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