Speeki is your solution for ESG & Sustainability reporting

Are you struggling to navigate the complex landscape of ESG reporting? Speeki is here to help. Our innovative Speeki non-financial performance reporting solution address the challenges companies face in ESG reporting, with a focus on ESRS.

Produce ESRS, IFRS, GRI reporting

Speeki is here to help you face your ESG & Sustainability reporting challenges


Overwhelmed by the lack of a unified approach to ESG and Sustainability reporting?

Numerous companies, especially those operating globally, struggle with navigating varied requirements from local governments. Speeki solves this problem by providing a centralised platform that streamlines diverse sustainability reporting obligations, ensuring compliance with ESRS.


Lacking experience in drafting reports that aren’t financial?

Many organisations and team members are new to sustainability reporting and non-financial data reports. Speeki steps in to assist by offering expertise in compliance programmes and effective compilation of reports, ensuring your reports meet the required standards.


Struggling to gather data and communicate with stakeholders?

Speeki simplifies the process by providing tools for efficient data collection and stakeholder communication. Whether it's health and safety, data privacy protection or human rights, our platform offers strategies to reach out, communicate effectively and gather essential information for reporting disclosures.

Speeki: your comprehensive ESG & Sustainability reporting solution

The Speeki Platform offers comprehensive support for ESRS reporting while addressing all associated challenges.

Comprehensive reporting solution

Speeki offers a comprehensive and robust reporting solution tailored for companies dealing with diverse sustainability reporting obligations, including ESRS.

Continuous support

Sustainability reporting is an ongoing process, and Speeki understands the need for continuous refinement. We assist in crafting programmes aligned with your specific objectives, going beyond data gathering.

Advanced suite of tools

Our platform includes advanced tools such as surveys, incident management, and declaration and disclosure features. These tools ensure your company is well prepared to meet reporting needs efficiently.

Centralised data

Document all activities in one place and use the data for reporting. This approach streamlines reporting performance and allows you to write once and use it for multiple disclosure requirements.

Speeki offers innovative tools and features to streamline your ESG & Sustainability reporting

Speeki will help you streamline your ESRS reporting process.

Unified access to diverse ESG reporting standards

Navigate seamlessly through varied standards, guidelines and requirements, all housed in one place, streamlining your reporting process.

Mapping into ESG profile information for multiple reporting standards – write once, report multiple

Leverage our advanced mapping intelligence, guiding you on what to document for each standard based on your existing profile data. This facilitates seamless access and reference to your ESG profile information, streamlining the use of your data to comply with various reporting standards. Write once, and report across multiple standards efficiently.

Tailored templates and custom reports

Leverage ready-made templates for each standard and easily edit extracted information.

Segregate your data for specific entities – streamline custom report creation

No need to fret about modifications for any specific entity that requires separate reporting to your headquarters. Our platform is designed for seamless collaboration across multiple teams and entities for ESG reporting, simplifying the documentation and generation of customised reports.

User-friendly navigation and filtering

Navigate with ease across all risk areas and standard questions, with convenient filtering options, making your experience smooth and efficient.

Progress tracking and dashboard monitoring

Keep a pulse on the progress of multiple standards and risk areas through our ESG dashboard, offering you a high-level view of your ongoing work.

Holistic ESG programme management

Operate focus risk areas separately while monitoring them collectively. Whether managing broad ESG risk areas (up to 19) or customising your own, our platform accommodates varied team structures and ensures streamlined data gathering for reporting.

No matter what your ESG & sustainability reporting needs are, Speeki can help.

We're your trusted partner in ESG reporting.


At Speeki, we recognise that sustainability reporting is more than a compliance requirement; it's an ongoing journey. Our platform is your partner in showcasing your dedication to a sustainable future. Join us and experience the Speeki difference. Let's craft a resonant sustainable narrative together.

Ramp up your ESG reporting with ESRS and other country-based standards with Speeki.

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