Getting started with the Speeki Web Portal

Here are a few steps to get started with the Speeki Web Portal.

Step 1: Go to the Web Portal

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Unsupported browser: Microsoft IE

Step 2: Sign up

First time user: Create an account using your email address.  By signing up you will receive notifications, case updates and the ability to track your reports.

Returning user: Sign in with your email address and selected password.  You can access your existing or new reports and chat with your case manager anonymously.

Guest user: You may login as a guest and report an incident.  By logging in as a guest you will need to remember your CASE ID and your PIN.

👉 Find out what information is shared /not shared with your Company or Employer.

Use your company's name or entity name to report an incident.

  • The entity name is required to report to your Organisation.
  • You will need to enter the entity name every time if you use a guest account to report an incident.
  • You only need to enter the entity name once if you use a registered account to report an incident.

Step 3: Create a new report

You will be directed to your company's home page upon initial login. Your company has provided an introduction that you may read through for directions, policies, and/or tailored messaging.

Click on create new report or the plus + icon.  Follow the prompts and complete the questions with Nicole.

👉 Nicole is Speeki's artificial intelligence compliance officer. She is not a real human, so feel free to tell her anything that is relevant to you report!

You may upload files & include any additional text.

Click Continue to Submit when you have completed your report.

Step 4: After a report is submitted

You will expect to see the Report ID after the submission.

Registered User: Return to home page to review your submitted and previously submitted reports.

Guest User: It is important to save your Report ID.  The Report ID is required to retrieve and follow up on your case.

👉 Our support team can not help you retrieve this Report ID - so please keep a copy.

Please submit a request to our support team if you wish to clarify further or have any additional concerns.