The difference between a guest account and a registered account

Discover how Speeki collects and uses information from guests and registered users

Speeki collects your email address and account password for account management, logging into the app and retrieving your records and activities at once. The information will be used for this purpose and not shared with your company.

If you have not created an account with Speeki before submitting a report, Speeki will collect your Report ID and PIN to retrieve details of your report. Also, Speeki will ask you for the country that you are reporting from, as well as your relationship with the entity. This information is required for the processing of your report.

The following table shows what data is collected for different types of accounts.

What data are we collectingWhy are we collectingWill *the company have access to this data?Registered userGuest user
EmailUsed for logging into Speeki appNoRequiredNot applicable
Email (it doesn't have to be the same email as above)For receiving case updatesNoNot applicableOptional
Email, first and last name, phone numberUsed for case contactYesOptionalOptional
Country of the userUsed for case processing by the systemYesRequiredRequired
Relationship of the user to the entityUsed for case processing by the systemYesRequiredRequired

*the company is referring to the company you are connecting to/ reporting to.