Speeki Qualify™

Learn more about qualifying your suppliers quickly and easily.


Why have your supplier conduct a Speeki Qualify™ assessment and get a scorecard rather than demand an ISO Certification?


While having an ISO Certification demonstrates high business standards, the process to obtain one is lengthy and requires a team commitment for at least 12-18 months. In contrast, the time needed to conduct a Speeki Qualify™ assessment and get a scorecard is a few days. For most suppliers (but not all), a request to show an ISO certification might be too much, whereas a rigorous but rapid and low-cost analysis provided by a Speeki Qualify™ assessmsent might be a better option.

How is a scorecard different from an attestation or certification?


Certification is performed by an organisation accredited to issue certificates of compliance with a published standard. Speeki, through its Europe operation, Speeki Europe, is accredited under International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) rules to certify organisations against certain standards.

Speeki Qualify™ assessments are issued based on a quicker and less formal process, and reflect the expert judgement of Speeki’s own experienced assessors. While a scorecard is a simpler and faster solution, it will typically carry less weight than an independent rating or certification.

How does your supplier stack up against ESG and sustainability benchmarks?


Speeki Qualify™ assessments are designed to give your suppliers a quick and effective benchmark against their current best practices for ESG and sustainability. Our online Speeki Qualify™ assessments process provides your supplier a Platinum, Gold, or Silver scorecard. Results containing the scorecard are sent to the supplier and you as their sponsor.

How do Speeki Qualify™ assessments compare to ISO certification services?


Speeki Qualify™ assessments are a rapid and efficient benchmark of your suppliers' policies and systems against current best practices in ESG and sustainability.

Certification is an extensive examination of an enterprise’s compliance conformity against the requirements of ISO standards. A much bigger and more complex option.

How does your supplier get a scorecard?


Your supplier is asked by you to complete a Speeki Qualify™ assessment on a particular topic. Submitted information is reviewed by our expert team, which then assigns a scorecard of Platinum, Gold, or Silver if applicable.

Is this scorecard available publicly?


Speeki does not publish scorecards. They are sent directly to your business account on the Speeki online system and the supplier's, thus ensuring you retain 100% management of how the scorecard is used or published. We provide the results to you and the supplier and leave it up to both of you how you both agree to publish (if at all).

Why should your business trust a Speeki Qualify™ assessment and the scorecard produced by Speeki?


Speeki has been a market leader in providing ISO and other standards certification for over twenty years. It is a pioneer of the industry.

Speeki has incorporated its expertise and experience into the fast and convenient Speeki Qualify™ assessment process, which helps you and your supplier efficiently and clearly benchmark their business’s policies and systems against current best practices in ESG and sustainability.

How can you and your supplier use the Speeki Qualify™ scorecard?


Speeki Qualify™ assessments, and its result scorecard, could, if you wish, be used for a range of internal and external marketing purposes to give your business an edge. They also give you an efficient and cost-effective benchmark of how a company stacks up against best practices with which you can adjust your corporation’s policies and systems.

For example, your supplier can use its Speeki Qualify™ assessment and scorecard to demonstrate its commitment to managing risks and opportunities in ESG effectively, or use the topic as part of an external branding strategy. Consumers would be persuaded to overcome potential scepticism related to a brand, and more investors could be attracted. For internal branding, results may be used to boost staff retention rates and minimise turnover. The information can contribute to a sense of achievement and pride — motivated staff are more committed and productive.

As an inexpensive gap analysis, the Speeki Qualify™ scorecard might be used as a guideline for improving systems related to the selected topic. For instance, fostering more of a freedom and safety culture for staff could facilitate implementation of a Whistleblowing programme, or an existing diversity, equity, and inclusion system would be of greater benefit if it incorporated more staff-led initiatives.

Who provides the Speeki Qualify™ assessment and produces the scorecard?


Speeki is an assurance and certification specialist focusing on ESG, governance and compliance. It is a world leader in providing assessments and certifications against applicable standards within this field, with over twenty years’ experience. We help every company shape ethical and holistic management that creates more inclusive, equal, and promising working cultures for businesses to thrive in. The Speeki team is involved in every Speeki Qualify™ scorecard. While parts are automated, we also review each response in detail.

What does your supplier need to complete a Speeki Qualify™ assessment?


Your supplier will need latest company policies, protocols, and other related documentation ready to provide. They will be guided through the questions on each assessment and asked to produce answers, write text, upload and share documents.

Can answers be saved and come back later with additional documents?


Yes. Each Speeki Qualify™ assessment is valid and 'open' for one (1) month of starting it.

What are the mandatory questions that must be answered? Can these be reviewed in advance?


All questions need to be answered; you can review all the questions before responding. Be sure to complete the questionnaire within one (1) month of starting it.

Is the Speeki Qualify™ assessment scorecard produced straight away?


After Speeki has assessed your answers, documentation, and any follow-up discussions, you will receive your scorecard approximately four to six days later. In short, we need to read all your answers, review all the uploaded documents, and get you an answer.

I would like an audit of my supplier and more detailed review. Is a Speeki Qualify™ assessment right for my supplier?


A Speeki Qualify™ scorecard is a benchmark of a business’s policies and systems against current best practices in ESG, governance and compliance. It is not an audit. If you are after a more detailed audit, refer to Speeki's assurance products, specifically Speeki Partner Integrity™ audits.

Are answers provided as part of a Speeki Qualify™ assessment confidential?


Yes. Your responses are viewed by the relevant assessor on a need-to-know-basis.

For how long is the Speeki Qualify assessment scorecard valid?


Each scorecard is valid for one (1) year.