Speeki Sustainability Score™

There is no need to do ths all yourself as part of supplier qualification. Leverage our work and your supplier's score.


Sponsor your supplier to help them develop better ESG & Sustainability procedures.

The Speeki Sustainability Score™ is designed for any size of company. Because we have designed smaller assessments focused on smaller areas, like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Preventing Bribery and Corruption, and many others, you can sponsor a supplier to complete an assessment on one smaller area or many areas.

Sponsoring a supplier is the best way to help the supplier develop their skills on ESG & Sustainability.

Sponsor a supplier today

As part of your qualification or renewal process, you can sponsor a supplier for an assessment and direct them to the Speeki Sustainability Score™ Portal.

You want an easy way for your suppliers to show their commitment to ESG & Sustainability without conducting a deep due diligence or on-site audit?

You also want your suppliers to 'step up' and improve their practices, but you don't have the time or skillset to assess their programmes yourself?

Having your suppliers complete a Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessment is the answer.

The benefits of using Speeki Sustainability Score™ for your supplier?

Once they have their Speeki Sustainability Score™ they can provide it to any other company as evidence of their approach to ESG.

Save you time from individually assessing every supplier and relies on a 'community' approach where Speeki can do that validation.

A very cost effective way to have an analysis done and get your suppliers on the right path to ESG & Sustainability practices.

Speeki Sustainability Scores vs. Traditional Ratings Agencies

Most of your suppliers will be too small to be considered by a traditional ratings agency. Even if they did fall within the scope, their lack of public data would lead to a poor result. Speeki takes the time to work with Suppliers to help them through the process and to provide education where necessary of ESG & Sustainability. Speeki is a clear advantage over the traditional ratings agencies that focus mostly on financial analysis.

You want to know how your suppliers are performing but don't want to do the work yourself

The Speeki Sustainability Score™ is a set of ESG & Sustainability assessments completed by your supplier. There is no reason why you need to do this yourself. In fact, you are far better off leaving this to our experts and then being provided with a score. You can then build the scoring into your qualification process.  Save time and money and have your supplier do the work and manage their own risk and then building that knowledge into your risk profile.

Leave the gathering of data, review and scoring to the experts.

Sending out questionnaires yourself doesn't help anyone. It traps your data and traps your answers in your system. It is not part of the sharing economy where you can leverage the work done by your supplier with other companies.

ESG & Sustainability is up to your supplier. They should be managing their risk and they should be managing their programmes. When they have their  
Speeki Sustainability Score™ they can provide that to other companies, and you can leverage their scores for your own process.

Everybody wins.

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