Speeki Sustainability Score™

We have been reviewing and certifying programmes for almost 15 years.


We take granting a
Speeki Sustainability Score™ and our experts are a part of the process.

Our focus is ESG & Sustainability, and we pride ourselves on knowing what it is like to design, build, implement, manage, and improve ESG & Sustainability initiatives. We know how hard it is to build such programmes and what it takes (especially for smaller companies) to implement such systems. We apply that knowledge to all our projects when we award a Speeki Sustainability Score™.

Supported with technology, the people that award the Speeki Sustainability Score™ are experts.

While a lot of the inputs to the Speeki Sustainability Score™ are provided by you, we still take seriously our role in reviewing those inputs and all the associated documents before awarding a Speeki Sustainability Score™. While we are aided with some technology and more recently some AI support, the ultimate decision rests with our senior experts who review the material and make our decision. They are the key ingredients that differentiates us from companies that also provide ratings or scoring.

We apply our certification expertise to assessments and the Speeki Sustainability Score™

Our experts have been involved in building, managing, and reviewing programmes for over 15 years. We are lead auditors and auditors in ISO management systems and have the experience to independently assess and score the information provided to us in the assessments to provide a Speeki Sustainability Score™.

The unique skillset of our experts combined with our leading technology

Domain Expertise

We know our topics and we know what it takes to build a programme around ESG initiatives. We know the laws, the regulations, and the practical solutions in key topics.

  • All key ESG & Sustainability areas are covered

  • Over 20 topics


Practical & Realistic

We appreciate that not all sizes fits all. That means that we understand there is a balancing act between larger and smaller companies and a differing risk tolerance and appetite.

  • Making a practical application for each company and their progression


Evidence Driven Decisions

Completing a set of answers is supplemented with evidence.  We make our Speeki Sustainability Score™ on what you can prove not what you can say.

  • Evidence is proof of your response.

  • We focus on evidence to support your answers.


What makes our expert team so effective at granting a Speeki Sustainability Score™?

Firstly, we take the grant of a Speeki Sustainability Score™ seriously. It is the Speeki brand that sits alongside your brand and your Speeki Sustainability Score™. It is a privilege and an honor that is bestowed on your company, and we want to see that privilege well deserved.

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If an expert has been involved in providing consulting to a candidate on the topic of the Speeki Sustainability Score™, the expert, at a minimum, won't be involved in any assessment on that topic.

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Expertise and experience

We are experts in ESG and Sustainability with each expert working hard to expand their skills each year with additional training. We look for 10 days external training per year per expert

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Evidence Focused

Our expertise is evidence. We make decisions based on what we are told and what you can prove. Our skills at reviewing and interpreting documents sets us apart.

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Risk Focused

Our World has been in 'risk'. We understand it, and therefore we understand materiality. Applying this risk and materiality approach is essential as not all programmes will be the same.

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Domain Expertise

We know the areas that make up a modern ESG & Sustainability system. From waste management and energy efficiency through to whistleblowing and corruption.

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Everything is a moving target in this (new) area of ESG & Sustainability. We know how to be practical and pragmatic about how you are progressing.

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We have a small team but a focused and dedicated one that moves quickly. We leverage technology to scale at speed and efficiency.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is part of maintaining a ESG & Sustainability strategy for your company and its supply chain.

Our Focus at Speeki is to provide a group of solutions to help you manage ESG & Sustainability. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ is just one of those solutions.


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*Includes risk areas that continue to be developed by the Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments.