Speeki Sustainability Score™

Quality. Depth. Evidence.
Our difference in three words.


Speeki Sustainability Score™ is as close to an audit that you will get without an audit.

We are not a believer that a simple auto-scored questionnaire can somehow give comfort that a company has achieved a level of ESG & Sustainability expertise.

We also don't believe that a flashy logo stuck on the side of your retail shop is going to show that you have achieved a level of competence around managing ESG & Sustainability.

However, we do believe that there is a mix between self-disclosure, interviews, and substantial document reviews that will support an evidence-based ratings and score.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is a evidence based solution for ESG & Sustainability

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is an evidence-based solution. Companies undertaking the assessment process must be able to prove their actions. While obtaining their views and aspirations is part of the process, we are focused on a quality analysis of their ESG & Sustainability initiatives. Companies seeking a Speeki Sustainability Score™ will need to provide detailed evidence to justify their positions. The Speeki team that assesses the applications for a Speeki Sustainability Score™ will review in detail all the documents being submitted.

We only offer a Speeki Sustainability Score™ for companies that meet a high threshold

Companies need to meet a Speeki Sustainability Score™ threshold before being able to obtain a Speeki Sustainability Score™. Even our lowest score is Speeki Sustainability Score™ Silver is still a very good result.
For companies that don't meet that threshold they have some time to work on their programmes and try again at no cost.
Our focus is to get everyone that applies to our minimum Speeki Sustainability Score™ Silver level for each assessment they take. The can then focus on lifting their Score to the Speeki Sustainability Score™ Platinum level.  

What is our difference to a company
'Sustainability Certificaton' ?

A Score is not a certification.

The certification of a company's ESG & Sustainability should cost 1000 times the cost of an assessment and scoring. Caution if you are obtaining or relying upon a certification offered by anyone other than an accredited certification body according to a set standard.

  • Certifications should never be based on self-declarations or cursory glances at documents.

  • If you want a certification then achieve an ISO certification that means something.


Substance over a logo.

Speeki focuses on substance not 'cool feel good marketing'.
While we do offer a mark of success for a client to use their score, it is very structured, very controlled and only after a rigorous process that truly assesses the data and documents.

  • Substance over form is important and the quality of the assessment process is key.

  • Our focus is to produce the highest quality assessments at an affordable price.


Targeted and Specific

Our assessments are mostly focused on discrete areas of ESG & Sustainability. Our view is that any broad brush 'Sustainability' assessment would be very challenging for any company given the complexity of  ESG &  Sustainability.

  • Caution should be exercised about a broad system to assess sustainability across too many topics.

  • Start off small and build up.


Our people, our approach, our methodology, our questions, our focus on evidence, and our reporting all set us apart in ratings and scoring.

A Speeki Sustainability Score™ adds significant value to your qualification process. It also provides the supplier with a report and scorecard and the ability to see where they need to improve. The supplier is encouraged to improve and resubmit their assessments annually. Speeki Sustainability Score™ is for you as well as your supplier. It gives them direct guidance, answers, and improvement steps.

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Our questions in the assessment are practical and relevant

We have designed our questions to probe companies and to ensure that ESG & Sustainability is not just a 'paper strategy' but is embedded into the company and its operations.

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Our scoring system helps companies aim higher

We have a scoring model that starts at 50/100. If you are below this amount, you need to restart your process a little later. You need to be at least 50/100 to even obtain a basic score.

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Our focus on evidence means we require verification

We have a strong focus on verifying or validating the answers to your questions. We study the documents and rate them as part of our analysis.

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Our pricing is valued by smaller companies

We know that for small companies, the costs of ESG & Sustainability can be excessive. We have arranged a simple and low pricing model for small companies to get started and tackle these key issues.

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We have made it easy for companies to sponsor your suppliers

You can always sponsor your suppliers to complete one or more of the assessments to give them a head start on their journey.

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We take our role seriously and add value in our reporting

The team that produce the Speeki Sustainability Score™ take our role seriously and we take the time to get it right. Our reporting is designed to add value and provide direction and best practices.

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Increased transparency

We are open on our approach, our methodology and our scoring approach to our users.

Sponsor a supplier and support them to improve their ESG & Sustainability

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    We recognize that suppliers are often the weakest link in your ecosystem. They need support to improve.

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    Scorecards are provided for each of the different ESG initiatives completed by the supplier – independent analysis of key ESG risk areas and confidential results, the publication of which you and your supplier control.

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    Providing a sponsorship model allows you to financially support your suppliers.

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    New laws like CSDDD will require you to take on additional responsibility and support your suppliers.

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    If suppliers don't get some support they may never take ESG seriously.

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    It is more than likely that from a risk perspective, you will be found liable for your suppliers anyway, at least in the eyes of your stakeholders. A little bit of support can go a long way.

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    Your supplier can get a significant value for little or no cost from your company.

How is a Speeki Sustainability Score™ different from a ratings agency that rates a company's ESG?

  • Focused areas and topics

    A Speeki Sustainability Score™ is not just one 'ESG assessment'. It is 19 different assessments across multiple areas. It breaks ESG and sustainability into separate areas and forms an assessment across specific areas.

  • Feedback to the supplier is given

    Most ratings are simply that. A rating. Speeki Sustainability Score™ is different. Speeki Sustainability Score™ gives something of value to you and the supplier. Some actionable feedback based on expert guidance.

  • Engagement with the supplier directly

    Most ratings agency never engage with the company. They just scrape the data from the internet and make an automated assessment. Speeki Sustainability Score™ engages with the supplier and works with them to get the most information possible into their assessment.

  • Not just based on web crawling

    Ratings agencies use public data that is on websites. That is not always realistic as most companies do not share this sort of information publicly.  Speeki Sustainability Score™ does not scrape information. The assessment is completed, documents uploaded, evidence reviewed and reported upon.

  • Documentation and evidence based

    Speeki Sustainability Score™ involves the review of policies, procedures, stakeholder assessments, dashboards and other information uploaded by the supplier. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ process is documentation based not based on hollow boxes ticked on web forms.

  • Get a scorecard with guidance

    Most ratings agencies are driven by their customer subscriber and their ability to materialise revenue from the collected data. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ process is driven on building a better supplier that manages their risk better to reduce your risk and improve their planet.

  • Public results at your supplier's decision

    Speeki does not publish the results of Speeki Sustainability Score™ unless specifically requested by the Supplier on which the assessment was made. It is entirely the supplier's decision.

  • Expertise in Speeki adds significant value

    Speeki Sustainability Score™ is delivered by the experts at Speeki. We are not a ratings agency nor a technology company. We use technology to support our experts in providing our solutions.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is part of our solution for supplier onboarding

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