Introducing Speeki Learning

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Introducing Speeki Learning

Compliance and ethics training is mandatory, yet it has changed very little in nearly two decades – it is often boring and time-consuming, and the content presented is rarely relevant to all learners.

This prompted Speeki to create a solution that doesn’t repeat the mistakes of its predecessors. Developed by compliance experts, the Speeki Learning solution takes a new approach. Our advanced compliance training offering provides highly engaging content to each employee based on their job responsibilities – just as a sales representative’s responsibilities differ greatly from those of an ESG specialist, so should their compliance training content. 

By delivering an individualised and targeted curriculum to each learner, focusing only on what that learner needs to know, your organisation will benefit from reduced annual training time and a simplified programme to administer.

Speeki Learning’s engaging and interactive online courses will help you take your compliance training to the next level. Not only will you achieve higher engagement rates, you will also create more positive reactions among participants, leading to a much greater level of acceptance of your compliance training initiative.

Our clients’ needs and satisfaction were of utmost importance to us while creating this new product. We know that what matters most when choosing a new training solution is that it must be highly effective, highly efficient and highly engaging, thus producing a high return on investment. Speeki Learning ticks all the boxes.

Key features of Speeki Learning


Speeki Learning’s online courses cover 12 topics:

  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • anti-trust and anti-competitive law
  • confidential information and data protection
  • conflicts of interest
  • data security
  • ethical leadership
  • export controls
  • harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • insider trading
  • intellectual property
  • supply chain management
  • social media.

The online training uses short animated stories illustrating real-life scenarios so the curriculum is more relatable to the learner, and each topic is available in as many as 23 languages (and this number is ever-growing!).

Speeki’s e-learning solution is divided into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 comprises all the general content that pertains to each and every employee, such as anti-harassment, insider trading, and use of company assets
  • Tier 2 differs between job functions – while an employee in sales might learn about anti-bribery and hospitality, someone in the finance team may focus more on recordkeeping
  • Tier 3 is specific to the employee’s activities and location – an employee based in Portugal will receive different training to one based in Malaysia, and a sales representative selling to government entities will receive different content to a sales representative selling to private enterprises.


While Speeki Learning comes with its own learning management system (LMS) provided by our partner Nimble, its content and knowledge can be integrated with any LMS on the market, so if you already have a LMS you won’t have to worry about introducing yet another platform to your business.

Speeki Learning is a fantastic tool to help you educate your employees on matters critical to your business’s reputation in the market.

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