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Adaptive, memorable, real-world examples

Speeki Interactive™ is an enjoyable and informative e-learning solution that helps businesses proactively educate employees, third parties, suppliers, and other stakeholders on key risk areas covered by Speeki.

Quick Glance: Learning Solution offered by Speeki

Virtual Learning

Speeki Interactive™ helps take your training to the next level.

Please visit Speeki Interactive™ YouTube channel for more sample videos.


Short e-learning courses

Over 100 pre-built short online courses covering a range of key ESG topics. Ready for launch. Examples of our extensive library are shown below.

  • Bribery and Corruption

  • Fraud

  • Human Trafficking

  • Harassment & Discrimination

  • Information Security

  • Data Protection

  • Conflicts of Interest


Competition, ethics, values.

The sample video "Interacting with Competitors," outlines global anti-competitive laws, warns against illegal business practices, and advises employees to seek legal counsel for any competitor interactions.

Confidential Information and Data Protection Basics

Learn through real-life scenarios, like Isabella and Nicole's, about the potential risks of sharing confidential information in public places. This sample course is a must-watch for anyone interested in data protection, confidentiality, and proprietary information security.

Conflict of Interest

Explore conflict types in our eLearning course. Learn about actual, potential, and perceived conflicts, and the 'Media Headline Test' for assessing impact

Harassers and Victims

Our eLearning course explores 'Harassers and Victims' dynamics. A must-watch for understanding and preventing harassment in workplace, harassment prevention, and creating a safe work environment.

Importance of Due Diligence

Our eLearning course underscores the 'Importance of Due Diligence' in business. A valuable resource for anyone seeking to enhance risk management and corporate governance.

Chief ESG Officer

The outcome

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    Ability to see how each learning group and individual learners are progressing through training, and whether they are able to apply new knowledge to their daily work.

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    Time saved on extra communication because the training material is targeted and available from a centralised location at any time from any workstation.

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    Improved knowledge alignment between global teams and executives regarding ESG-related risks and understanding.

The benefits of Speeki Interactive™

Optimise training initiatives

Deliver targeted, role-based, 5-minute e-learning courses to ensure all levels of your organisation can access and complete the appropriate training.

Real-world scenarios

Training modules are based on actual cases and extensive Speeki experience, ranging from high-level ESG topics to deep dives into specific ESG risk areas.

Easy to absorb

Developed for quick and simple assimilation, Speeki’s modular e-learning solutions are designed to be easy to understand and for maximum knowledge retention.


Speeki Interactive™ features

  • Professional content

    Written and delivered by industry experts.

  • Learning optimised

    Role-based, targeted, and 5 minutes in length.

  • Mobile-friendly

    Learn on the go through a Web browser, no app to download.

  • Fun and interactive

    Engaging and compelling to help learners retain knowledge.

  • Stories to remember

    Written to illustrate how the training applies to the real world.

  • Multiple languages supported

    Translated into over 20 languages to eliminate misunderstandings.

Risk Areas addressed
Good ESG management systems

Expand your team’s ESG know-how with Speeki Interactive™