Speeki ESG platform releases innovative reporting features for ESRS and other standards

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Speeki ESG platform releases innovative reporting features for ESRS and other standards

The demand for sustainability and ESG commitments from companies is increasing and shows no signs of abating.

ESG reporting poses challenges for companies globally 

Every country and region releases and mandates disclosures, but with no unified approach to ESG and sustainability reporting, companies – especially those operating globally – must navigate varied requirements from local governments.

The absence of experts who are proficient in compliance programmes and crafting non-financial data reports, as well as the lack of skills in gathering the requisite data as per ESG reporting standards, present additional hurdles for companies on a global scale.

ESRS reporting made easy with Speeki 

The Speeki Platform offers a comprehensive and robust ESG reporting solution, tailored for companies navigating various sustainability reporting obligations, including ESRS.


‎Speeki’s ESG reporting solution goes beyond report generation 

While other solutions focus primarily on report generation, Speeki goes beyond by:

  • tailoring programmes to align with each company's unique objectives 
  • providing an advanced suite of tools, including surveys, incident management and declaration and disclosure features, to streamline ESG reporting 
  • centralising activity documentation and data utilisation.

‎This approach streamlines ESG reporting readiness and promotes efficient content reuse for multiple disclosure requirements.

Speeki ESG Platform offers innovative ESG reporting features 

Speeki's ESG reporting solutions encompass an advanced suite of tools and features to make sustainability reporting easy. Key features include:

  • unified ESG standards access – simplify ESG reporting by accessing various standards in one place
  • mapping into ESG profile for multiple reporting standards – streamline ESG data gathering and reporting across multiple standards with our mapping intelligence
  • custom reports and templates – easily edit templates and generate custom reports
  • user-friendly navigation – navigate risk areas and questions effortlessly with convenient filtering options
  • dashboard monitoring – stay informed by tracking multiple standards and risk areas via our ESG dashboard
  • holistic ESG programme management – efficiently manage broad ESG risk areas and customise team structures for streamlined data collection.

Speeki: Your trusted partner in your ESG reporting journey 

At Speeki, we recognise that sustainability and ESG reporting is a continuous journey. Our platform is your companion on the path to a sustainable future, making every step informed and effective.

Ready to simplify your ESG reporting? Contact us today to learn more about Speeki's innovative solutions.