How to navigate Speeki's Web Portal and services

Learn how to easily navigate the homepage and access all the available services as a web user with our helpful guide. Perfect for beginners!

On the Speeki home page you will see the following information and buttons:

Web Portal Home page

Company logo

At the upper left corner of the home page you will see the logo of the company you entered in the ‘Welcome’ or ‘Sign up’ page. Check this logo to validate that you are using Speeki’s services for the correct company. Clicking on the Company logo will take you back to your company's home page from whichever page you are in the portal.

Web Portal Company logo

Available services

You will see menus for accessing the services that are available for the company. If you have registered accounts in Speeki for other companies, you may notice that the available services are different – this is because these services are determined by the company you selected in the ‘Welcome’ or ‘Sign up’ pages and are not editable by you.

Clicking on any of the service buttons will take you to the main page of the service you have selected.

Web Portal What can we do for you section

Company information

You can also view the company information at the home page.

Web Portal Company information section

Company Policies

View your company's policies on the bottom part of the home page.

Web Portal Company policies section

Start new report

Hover to Make a report about misconduct then click Start New Report and it will allow you to start a new report. You can also click the plus icon then select Make a report.

Web Portal Start new report

See my cases

Hover to Make a report about misconduct then click SEE MY CASES button and it will bring you to your cases list. From that page you will be able to check reports' status, view messages and start conversations with case manager/s anonymously.

Web Portal See my cases section
Web Portal My cases page

Header navigation

The header menu gives you easy access to Speeki’s services and other functionalities.

On the header you will see the following information and buttons:

  • Company logo;
  • Speeki logo;
  • available microservices;
  • Plus icon to make a report, make a declaration or participate in a survey (if available);
  • notification bell; and
  • profile icon.
Web Portal Header navigation

Start icon

Clicking the start icon(plus icon) will show you options to Make a report and if available to your company, Make a declaration or Participate in a survey.

Web Portal Home page
Web Portal Plus icon


Clicking on the notification bell icon will show notifications of recent activities or reminders related to your use of Speeki.

Web Portal Home page
Web Portal Notifications


Clicking the profile button will open the profile menu, which includes:

  • Information about which account you are logged into;
  • access to settings;
  • an option to change which company you are accessing Speeki for; and
  • the log out link.
Web Portal Home page
Web Portal Home page

Footer information

In the footer of any Speeki page you will find links to our privacy policy and Help Centre.

Web Portal Footer information page

Privacy policy

To open the privacy policy in a new tab, click Privacy Policy.

Speeki Privacy Policy page

Help Centre

To open the Help Centre in a new tab, click Help. In the Help Centre you can search for answers to frequently-asked questions and access guides on how to use the Speeki service.

Support Portal