Speeki Qualify™

Use our experts to supplement your supply chain team.


Knowing how your supplier handles risk is your objective.

It is becoming a true badge of honour for any company to have a strong ESG programme that has been validated by an independent third-party expert. Rather than a broad overall ‘ESG Rating’, Speeki Qualify™ consists of several smaller assessments focused on smaller areas, e.g. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Preventing Bribery and Corruption, etc.

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Case Study

Clients have told us consistently that a broad ESG score on a supplier provided by a questionnaire response is of little, if any, value to the qualification process.

Our clients wanted a simple and effective way to know how a supplier was managing their ESG and sustainability risks.

A basic questionnaire wasn't effective, nor was a simple background check screening of databases and registries.

The combination offered by Speeki of Speeki Path™, Speeki Qualify™, Speeki Trust™ and Speeki OnBoard™ is the ideal solution to qualify a supplier for ESG and sustainability risks.


Quick, simple, and provides expert guidance on gaps

More tailored to specific risk areas, resulting in better data and guidance

Designed by experts, which means the outcome can be relied on and is respected

Companies don't like ratings agencies

Our clients were constantly being approached by ratings agencies to complete an ESG rating. In most cases, the agency would not even consult the client, but use public information exclusively against unclear specifications and standards. These ratings were then published without the client's knowledge, support or endorsement. They were at the whim of agencies which might fail to do the right thing and apply correct specifications.

Companies want to know how theirs suppliers are performing

Our solution was to design several products forming part of an overall solution. Speeki Path™ assesses supplier risk based on what the supplier is doing for you, and their location, size and complexity. The risk decision defines what what assessments should be completed by the supplier as part of the qualification process.

Speeki Qualify™ is a set of ESG and sustainability assessments completed by your supplier. Those assessments, combined with ESG related background checks by Speeki Trust™ give a far broader relection of risk and help to qualify a supplier.

The Speeki Qualify™ assessment scorecard is the best indicator of readiness and how well things are progressing in the suppliers programmes.

Our clients can now count on Speeki Qualify™ assessments and the scorecards that are produced as a part of their supplier qualification process. Suppliers can use the scorecard to drive improvement across each of their major risk areas.

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