Speeki Assessments & Scorecards

The fastest and cheapest way to get input on your ESG programmes


Knowing how your programme fits against best practices is easy with an independent review to assess your programme and market your compliance to your stakeholders

It is becoming a true badge of honour to have a strong ESG programme that has been validated by an independent third-party expert. Rather than a broad overall ‘ESG Rating’, Speeki has several smaller products focused on smaller areas, e.g. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Preventing Bribery and Corruption, etc.

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Case Study

Clients have told us consistently that a broad ESG rating provided by a ratings agency that was only focused on assessing their business for financial and investment purposes was of little, if any, value to the business

Our clients wanted a simple and effective way to know how each risk area of their programme was performing. Assessment by experts against known and respected international best practices is the only option to truly get value from a review process, identify gaps, and learn how to address them. More than just a marketing tool, it is a knowledge tool.


Quick, simple, and provides expert guidance on gaps

More tailored to specific risk areas, resulting in better data and guidance

Designed by experts, which means the outcome can be relied on and is respected

Companies don't like ratings agencies

Our clients were constantly being approached by ratings agencies to complete an ESG rating. In most cases, the agency would not even consult the client, but use public information exclusively against unclear specifications and standards. These ratings were then published without the client's knowledge, support or endorsement. They were at the whim of agencies which might fail to do the right thing and apply correct specifications.

Companies want to know how they are tracking

Our solution was to draft several ESG assessment methodologies on specific risk areas, allowing clients to complete a survey questionnaire, upload documentation, receive an assessment by experts, and get a scorecard. Our clients wanted to know how well their programme 'rated' and how mature it was based on a recognised expert giving their view.

The Scorecard is the best indicator of readiness and how well things are progressing

Our clients can now count on Speeki Assessments as a part of their review process – their monitoring and measuring – as well as getting the benefit of our expertise at a lower price than a consulting project. They can also develop their programmes and obtain a scorecard annually to drive improvement across each of their major risk areas. The Speeki Assessments are valuable and marketable as a driver for improvement in the ESG space.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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