Speeki and Chayil Compliance Solutions announce strategic partnership

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Speeki and Chayil Compliance Solutions announce strategic partnership

Nairobi, Kenya, 23 August 2022 | Speeki, a leading international provider of ESG, whistleblower reporting and compliance solutions and services, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with East Africa-based Chayil Compliance Solutions, specialists in due diligence, compliance programme implementation, and corporate investigations.

The importance of ESG cannot be overstated. This is true not only for companies operating in developed countries, where a single scandal can utterly destroy a company’s reputation, but also in developing markets such as Africa, where being able to prove that you take environmental, social and legal obligations seriously can be crucial for your business prospects.

Hence the mission that Speeki set out on: helping companies build better business by promoting ESG and providing top-of-the-line solutions in the field. This complements Chayil Compliance Solutions’ primary aims rather well, as Chayil uses its vast experience – epitomised by owner, founder and seasoned compliance professional Francesca Njeri Njenga – to guide African companies seeking to do business internationally through fulfilling all the necessary legal obligations and support companies from Europe and the United States in assuring their African business partners will always live up to the highest standards.

The shared values, attitudes and aims of both companies led to Chayil choosing to partner with Speeki. While Chayil will provide Speeki with valuable first-hand market insights and excellent due diligence and investigative services, Speeki will return the favour with cutting-edge technology solutions and a broader ESG perspective.

Scott Lane, CEO at Speeki, says, ‘Speeki’s ESG platform and advisory will combine with Chayil’s market innovation and supreme knowledge of the region to form a new force in the African market.’

‘Chayil will combine its expertise with Speeki’s technological prowess in a region that is growing in its commitment to compliance and appreciates the power and advantages afforded by technologically premium products and services,’ says Chayil CEO Francesca Njeri Njenga.

ESG is still a developing field in Africa (as it is in most of the world), so Speeki and Chayil are hoping to fill a market gap and strategically position themselves as regional industry leaders.

Both parties are excited about this partnership and the benefits it brings to both Speeki’s and Chayil’s customers now and in the future.

Want to find out more? Contact Andrew Goy at andrew.goy@speeki.com for more information on Speeki’s partnership programme.

About Speeki

The Speeki Platform enables businesses to automate and operationalise ESG and compliance practices using app-first, AI-driven technology. At Speeki, we believe that companies should ‘hear all voices’ and the Speeki App gives employees a secure and safe way to report matters to management (even anonymously, if necessary) and operationalise governance and compliance tasks.

The SaaS-based Speeki Platform allows HR, legal, compliance and other executive teams to manage issues, conduct reviews, engage with reporters and conduct follow-up investigations in a secure workplace and case management centre.

As an accredited ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification body, Speeki provides a range of ISO certifications, audits, training and readiness assessments, guiding clients through the ISO certification process from start to finish. Speeki also has a long history of providing a range of consultancy services and has recently introduced ESG ratings across 19 key ESG risk areas, allowing clients to test their programmes against best practices and receive a rating.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

About Chayil Compliance Solutions

Chayil Compliance Solutions offers over 14 years of experience working in compliance, spanning over 100 jurisdictions, including in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The team at Chayil use real-time data and the latest technological tools, trends, case studies, benchmarking and other methods to anticipate, analyse, mitigate and monitor myriad complex compliance risks.

Chayil is passionate about simplifying the complexities of laws and regulations on key areas of risk and compliance, including but not limited to anti-bribery/corruption, anti-money laundering/combatting financing of terrorism, economic sanctions/restrictive trade and other related matters of heightened global concern.

Chayil Compliance Solutions® – here to untangle the web of laws, regulations and policies in your industry.

For more information, contact us here.

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