Speeki Coach™

Coaching employees and partners on ESG and sustainability.

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We like to think of it as 'coaching' rather than 'training'. Our coaching sessions are individual or group sessions.

Start preparing yourself and your extended teams by attending one of our coaching sessions with Speeki Coach™. We aim to support your ESG and sustainability efforts on an hourly basis with a package of hours which can be used throughout a 12-month period.

Speeki Coach™ solutions are aimed to support you and your teams

Total flexibility in coaching sessions.

Speeki Coach™ is a block of hours purchased and used within a 12-month period.

You can use Speeki Coach™ in person, over TEAMS, or a hybrid model. You choose whatever works for you.

Speeki Coach™ is also available as multi-day solutions where we can coach individuals or small teams to build, operate, audit and maintain ESG and sustainability options.


Common issues covered by Speeki Coach™

  • Coaching on why executives and leaders are not buying in on ESG and sustainability

  • Knowing how to navigate the various reporting frameworks and reporting requirements

  • Gaining knowledge on assurance initiatives and certifications

  • Whistleblowing and governance guidance for compliance.

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The benefits of Speeki Coach™

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    Full flexibility in usage of your block of time. Hourly, daily, multi-day.

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    Editing, review, checking and validating information prepared internally.

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    A second set of eyes across key programmes

Speeki Coach™ examples

Standard's Coaching

Taking place over a three-day period, our Speeki Coach™ engagement could focus on thoroughly showcasing a relevant framework and apply it to real life examples.

This knowledge can then be utilised to effectively build and participate in the establishment of your management system. It is perfect for all levels and all types of participants, and should be a prerequisite for any company seeking to build or certify a management system. Group sizes of up to 10 people are supported.

Communications Review

Developed a communications plan and need it reviewed? ed on the latest email campaign around sustainability?

Your Speeki Coach™ can help review your plan and provide input. Your Speeki Coach™ can advise on content, design, or advise on best practices to communicate to your audience. Your Speeki Coach™ can participate in a webinar, internal training, participate in a podcast, or simply edit documents.

Presentation preview

Working on a new presentation to management or your stakeholders?

You could use your Speeki Coach™ hours to have your latest presentation to management on a key ESG or sustainability product reviewed.

This might be a quick review or a detailed analysis with recommendations for improvement.


Speeki Coach™ features

  • Live support led by certified experts with years of experience in ESG, sustainability, legal, compliance, internal audit, export control, ethics and corporate governance.

  • Total flexibility and one year to use your credits. Speeki Coach™ can be used hourly, daily or even multi-day. Total flexibility to use credits over a 12-month period.

  • Engaging and interactive coaching sessions focused on building, operating, auditing and maintaining ESG and sustainability.

  • Flexible delivery of coaching sessions. Sessions can be delivered by phone, in person, online or as a hybrid.


The best value support for your ESG and sustainability programmes



Risk Areas addressed

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