The Speeki Academy is the solution for ESG and sustainability education.

Speeki Academy is thoughtfully structured into one- or two-hour sessions, allowing you to optimise your learning on all things ESG and sustainability within a manageable timeframe.

Scott Lane - host of ESG programme and workshops

Speeki Academy Courses

Immersive online instructor-led training sessions designed to equip professionals with essential skills and knowledge in the realms of ESG and sustainability, corporate due diligence, assurance, whistleblowing and more. Our comprehensive curriculum comprises dynamic online courses, divided into six categories, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education in these critical areas of corporate responsibility.

Speeki Academy is not a suite of boring e-learning courses.

Speeki Academy is expert-led training that engages, educates and brings like-minded people together to solve problems collaboratively.

Our in-house, in-person sessions can be tailored to suit your company’s requirements.

The task of implementing an effective ESG programme in an organisation can be challenging, but it's also an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the industry and help drive change in the world. Conducting a Speeki Academy session in your offices will give you the skills to understand the Engage methodology and build a comprehensive ESG system for your company.

We have a wide range of topics, each of which can be customised to suit your business’s unique requirements.

Speeki Academy: An introduction to a corporate ESG programme (half-day workshop)

Speeki Academy: An introduction to a corporate ESG programme is a half-day in-person in-house workshop where Speeki’s CEO Scott Lane will give your team an introduction to a corporate ESG programme and walk through the theory and practical elements of the Engage methodology.

The half-day session is based on a case study designed specifically for your company.

The Speeki Academy in-house workshops are aimed to supercharge your adoption of ESG and provide you with expert tips that will save you time and money in building your own programme.

Our Speeki Academy in-house programmes can also be tailored as full-day or two-day programmes on understanding and implementing ESG.

Contact us to learn more about what options we can build for you.


Benefits of the Speeki Academy approach

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    Our bite-sized courses of one or two hours allow people to schedule and attend training with minimal preparation

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    Unlike passive learning methods, such as listening to recordings or flicking through e-learning presentations, our online courses are engaging and interactive, fostering more participation and learning

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    Each course contains embedded case studies and a workshop approach to ensure you learn how to apply your new knowledge in the real world

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    Academy courses provide an opportunity to ask questions, look at different perspectives and network with other attendees to build your professional network

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    Our pricing is very reasonable, and courses can be charged to a credit card for simple billing and reimbursement

We are determined to establish the Speeki Academy as the leader of ESG education globally. Our unique approach blends expert-led courses with a practical application of case studies. We will continue to expand our course list with new and innovative courses that go beyond the basic introductory information that is commonly available in free webinars. We take the knowledge further and apply practical steps, guidance and tips to be a leader in ESG and sustainability.

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Speeki Academy also has in-house programmes that address other key areas of ESG

An introduction to a corporate ESG programme (half-day)

Public programme designed to train professionals on:

  • building your competence in ESG risk areas and programme design

  • defining ESG and establishing your priority areas

  • understanding the Engage framework.

Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001) courses

Corporate in-house two- or three-day course designed to train teams on:

  • how to interpret and implement the ISO 37001 standard

  • how to conduct an internal audit under the standard

  • preparing for an audit and certification process.

Compliance Management Systems (ISO 37301) courses

Corporate in-house two- or three-day courses designed to train teams on:

  • how to interpret and implement the ISO 37301 standard

  • how to conduct an internal audit under the standard

  • preparing for an audit and certification process

  • how to extend programmes to other key compliance risks.

Why Speeki Academy?

Our in-house in-person programmes are the fastest and most economical way to get small- and medium-sized groups trained and ready to manage ESG across a business.

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Host: Scott Lane, Founder and CEO of Speeki

With his extensive background as a lawyer and technologist, Scott Lane has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide in meetings, conferences, online learning and webinars, cementing his position as a stalwart trainer in the ESG, assurance, governance, social, anti-corruption and compliance areas. He is a leader in ESG, having written hundreds of articles on ESG topics. Scott’s practical guidance not only helps people meet regulatory requirements but also encourages them to consider how ESG can benefit their business.

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Scott Lane

About Speeki

About Speeki

Speeki is the ESG firm that helps companies effectively build and manage their ESG programmes to generate value for themselves, their stakeholders and the planet. As a trusted partner, Speeki offers a framework to build ESG strategies with comprehensive consulting, technology and assurance solutions.

At Speeki, we use our proprietary Engage™ framework to help companies maximise their investment in ESG by making data-driven decisions that add value to their businesses and the planet.

Our mission is to help businesses integrate ESG and sustainability practices into their operations and create long-term value for their stakeholders. With Speeki, you can be confident that you are making informed decisions that align with your ESG goals, no matter where you are in your sustainability journey.

We help define ESG, build ESG, and report on ESG.

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