Audit a supplier or your entire programme. We can handle it.

Audit and assessmentaudit and assessment

Prove ESG.

Speeki Audits are a comprehensive, recorded examination of your organisation’s selected ESG programmes, procedures, and policies. We audit programmes as a whole, or as a part of your ESG programme (anti-corruption, human trafficking, etc) or even a specific control as part of those risks (e.g charitable donations as part of a conflicts of interest or anti-corruption programme). Our audits are available in any part of your business (or one of your JVs or business partners) and in any country and in any language.

At a glance: Speeki Audits

Audit a susbsidiary

Speeki can audit all or part of your ESG programme across your group or across a subsidiary. Examples of audits of programmes include:

  • Anti-Bribery programme audits of your own company or that of key third parties

  • Human Rights, including harassment, discrimination and workplace issues

  • Supply chain onboarding and procurement


Audit a supplier

Speeki can audit your supplier for human rights issues, environmenta or any area within ESG. Anywhere. Any place. Any language.

  • Human Rights and Modern Day Slavery

  • Environmental footprint

  • Pay Equality, Diversity checks as part of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

business outcome

The outcome

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    Time saved when tracking information, and audit fatigue reduced within the company.

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    More time spent on strategic management because Speeki takes care of much of the administrative and audit work.

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    Multiple controls improved through the learning and execution of Speeki Audits.

Speeki's Auditing

Measure success of your ESG programmes

Understand where ESG initiatives need to be improved and how.

Increase stakeholder confidence

Demonstrate to senior executives your success through an independent assessment and report.

Expert and Independent

Operationalise ESG initiatives and programmes throughout your organisation with ease.


Speeki Audit features

  • Professional reports and recommended actions

    Delivered by a leader in compliance and governance auditing for over twenty years.

  • Constant updates

    We keep you updated and informed on how the audit is going at all times.

  • Report content security

    For sensitive delivery of audit reports we use secure transfers.

  • Multiple language audits

    Audits can be done in multiple countries and in multiple languages.

  • Fixed price and fixed duration

    Audits typically take 2 – 4 weeks and are calculated according to fixed rates and schedules.

  • Privilege-friendly

    If you need to secure legal privilege over our audit work, we have some solutions ready with outside counsel.

Speeki audit fetures


The process includes auditing programmes, such as testing whether the organisation has built a programme according to an agreed framework, or a control audit on a specific control within a particular risk area, and reviews by content experts.

At the end, Speeki provides an audit report with recommendations for improvement in your chosen risk areas.



Roles involved

Risk Areas addressed

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