Artificial Intelligence in Speeki

Speeki is powered by AI.

Transform the way you work in with the ESG & Sustainability Management and reporting with AI.

Nicole - our ESG & Sustainability AI assistant is able to help you to be efficient and accurate in preparing managing and reporting on ESG & Sustainability.

Meet Nicole, your AI-powered ESG & sustainability assistant

Welcome to the cutting-edge World of AI and Speeki.

Meet Nicole, our AI-driven assistant designed to supercharge your ESG & Sustainability initiatives with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and innovation of AI.

With AI embedded into Speeki, we are always looking for unique ways to harness the value of AI for the platform and our clients. The following is just a few of the ways that we use AI inside Speeki.

Advance your ESG & Sustainability reporting disclosures

Nicole supports ESG & Sustainability reporting with powerful AI tools to reduce the time and improve accuracy of ESG & Sustainability reporting.  Use the 'Get insight' feature when collecting data for your reporting to leverage Nicole's extensive knowledge base, empowering you to craft bespoke responses to unique business challenges in seconds.

Leveraging AI in your whistleblower and Incident Reporting

Experience powerful incident reporting thanks to Nicole's intuitive chatbot capabilities that provides automated translations and supports a guided step-by-step reporting system that allows resolution of incidents.

Speeki is integrating AI to help manage and report ESG & Sustainability.


Nicole streamlines ESG processes, saving time and resources while enhancing productivity.


Nicole's guidance in your ESG & Sustainability reporting reduces the risk of errors.

Maximise ROI

Leverage Nicole's capabilities, organisations can maximise the return on their ESG efforts on achiving long-term sustainability goals with reduced cost.


Stay ahead of the advanced ESG AI technologoy with Nicole, enabling continous improvement and innovation.

Nicole's future

Leveraging AI in ESG data

In mid-late 2024, Nicole will be enhanced even further.

This enhancement will empower Nicole to help clients with conducting risk assessments on suppliers, conducting due diligence on suppliers and even drafting supply contracts. Nicole is getting ready to be the leader in Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence.

Assessing risk in suppliers

Nicole will be taking over the task of assessing risk in suppliers as the key feature of Speeki Path.

Drafting supplier addendums

Nicole will also be working on Speeki Onboard, the product to help companies have a tailored solution for supplier contracting.

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Join the ESG AI revolution with Nicole

Are you ready to transform your approach to ESG management? Let Nicole by Speeki guide you towards a future where sustainability and technology align.
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