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Start your ESG journey with knowing where to focus.

ESG is a lot of things under the one banner. Start your ESG journey with help from Speeki

Speeki helps companies conduct comprehensive ESG risk assessments. Using our Speeki ESG model that defines ESG as 19 key risk areas, Speeki will help you conduct a companywide risk assessment to consider which areas across the ESG spectrum relate to your business. The assessment is focused on identifying the risks and opportunities that ESG can bring to your business and maps out a position on each of these areas.

Define what ESG means to your company with your custom ESG risk assessment conducted by Speeki

Speeki's expert team can help you conduct a comprehensive risk assessment across your business. Any country, any language and any number of subsidiaries or investments. Our focus is to help you identify where you need to focus your attention when it comes to ESG and to build your initial profile of your readiness when it comes to ESG issues.

Actionable insights that help you know where to focus.

We use our own Engage framework to help identify risk and to know where to focus. Our risk assessment process engages your team as part of that process and builds a sustainable risk assessment process that becomes part of your risk management protocols across the company.

Implement best practices in ESG risk management

Benefit from the expertise of specialists in each risk area to bring your ESG practices in line with the highest industry standards. Our focus is to get your company focused on the most valuable areas of ES that impact your key stakeholders. From low hanging fruit to key strategic objectives, our focus is to help you look at ESG from a risk perspective and generate opportunities.

Three reasons why Speeki's risk assessment process is guaranteed for success.

We know ESG. We know what it means and how its defined.

Speeki has strong expertise on each of the key 19 risk areas on the Speeki ESG model. We know ESG and can help build strong programmes to identify risk.

More than a one-time risk assessment, it is an ongoing process of assessing risk.

A risk assessment is more than just a one-time exercise, it is an ongoing process that reviews and updates regularly.

Risk assessments are viewed as a perspective. It is more than just one.

Speeki helps look at risk from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, not just form the singular 'internal' perspective.

We help organisations manage ESG risks better by knowing what is important and where to focus.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has worked as a leader in global companies in legal, compliance and governance for most of his career. He has helped over 500 global companies develop parts of their ESG programmes, including in governance, board, risk, supply chain, sales channels, anti-corruption, workplace issues, and overall ESG. Scott is a stong strategic thinker and communicator that helps to align large companies into a common goal.

Scott A Lane
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Understand risk with a focused risk assessment of ESG across your company.

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