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What you don't know can damage your reputation, your brand and your ESG performance

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Monitor and listen for the early warning signs of an ESG crisis

Speeki Social™, in collaboration with our partner, Tricycle Europe*, uses social listening techniques to pick up online references to your organisation – both overt and coded – in the dynamic world of social media, as well as monitoring more traditional news sources such as newspapers and trade journals. The aim is to enrich and validate insights derived from other signals, giving you the insights and control to manage your social media reputation.

*Tricycle Europe is a leading provider of end-to-end marketing and sales support to companies around the globe, transforming the digital capabilities of their business and staff.

internal communication

Complement internal information with external viewpoints

Your entire stakeholder set is connected to numerous social media channels, making it easy for them to share positive and negative experiences of your brand candidly online. Discover what is being said, but not formally reported, about your ESG initiatives and risk areas by those beyond your traditional sources – including Key Opinion Leaders and influencers. Avoid “blind spots” by learning about rumours and “under the radar” issues you might otherwise miss.

Shield your company from risks

A single social media post can transform your stakeholders' views and opinions of your brand. Speeki Social™ puts control back in your hands – allowing you to respond and neutralise before the problem escalates. Speeki Social™ gives you a crucial head start by alerting you to potential risks across all your ESG categories. Each alert can be sorted by category and sent directly to the relevant person for handling.

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risk detection

Catch subtle indications of potential problems

Significant risks like bribery and fraud usually start with a scattering of small compromises that lead to the action taking place. Speeki Social™ analyses conversations for known precursors in words and phrases and maps them to other signals to form an accurate risk estimate. Harness reliable insights and make smarter, risk-based decisions.

Make smarter strategic decisions based on richer insights

Understand how stakeholders feel about your brand, and see changes in perception and sentiment in the moment – even when your brand is not mentioned directly. Analyse key trends around your industry and stakeholders. Learn what people are tweeting about a key supplier or potential investor. The data set also allows you to conduct deep studies into ESG areas to find potential risks and new strategic insights. Apply these to streamline your messaging – from branding to reporting. Have peace of mind that what you are saying is aligned with your stakeholder sentiment.

make informed decision

Benefit from the informality of social media to acquire and use unvarnished views

Validate data collected from other sources

Collate and cross-reference social listening findings against other data to guard against misinterpreting signals in the market.

Become aware of and correct misinformation

Learn about false or misleading information circulating informally about your business and take timely action to set the record straight.

Find out what ex-employees are saying about you

Spot sentiments expressed by former staff which they preferred not to reveal within the formal constraints of an exit interview.

We help organisations learn what’s being said about them “out there”

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Broaden your information awareness

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