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Speeki is designed with Open API's that allow you to integrate with your own systems.

More and more clients are looking for ways to connect their existing systems to Speeki to maximise its usage as the platform for everything ESG & Sustainability. Connecting to systems is possible using Speeki's open API's. To learn more, reach out to our sales team to see where you would like to connect Speeki and the systems you have. We can also identify key data to be sent to and from Speeki.

FAQs about Speeki's integration with Microsoft Teams

1. Overview

How does Speeki integrate with Microsoft Teams?

One of the features of Speeki is the ability to receive anonymous and secure feedback or reports about ESG & Sustainability misconduct. Speeki enables employees to submit reports anonymously using their corporate Microsoft Teams application.

2. Integration Workflow

How does Speeki integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Speeki allows users to access its reporting functionalities directly from your Microsoft Teams interface. Employees can submit reports, follow up via the chat function, and receive updates without leaving the Teams environment, making it easy to report issues about ESG & Sustainability from one of the most widely used applications in companies: Microsoft Teams.

3. Security and Data

Where is user data stored when using Speeki from Microsoft Teams?

User data, including reports and personal contact information, is securely stored within the Speeki application's data server. However, contact information provided during report submission is sent to the user's company.

Where is Speeki's application and data servers?

Speeki has data servers located in the US and EU region. You will be selecting the 'default' data server region during the implementation phase. Your data is always stored in the location you chose at the beginning of the implementation process. Some of the subprocessors may have access to your data in a different region. To learn about subprocessors click here.

When a user connects with Speeki through Microsoft Teams, what kind of data is associated with them?

Users enter data directly into Speeki's server. Despite the fact that the user may have recorded a digital footprint, the Microsoft Team Administrators or Microsoft will not be able to determine what data has been passed on to Speeki. Additionally, Speeki data servers store all data entered into its app in a secure and encrypted manner.

Can my Microsoft administrator identify me while connecting to Speeki within Microsoft Teams?

No, your Microsoft administrator cannot directly identify you through your use of Speeki within Microsoft Teams. Speeki ensures anonymity by not sharing your login ID (email address) with your company. However, it's important to note that certain personal contact information provided during the reporting process may be accessible to your employer as per the Speeki application's functionality via Speeki Platform's Incident Management features.

4. Integration Setup

Who is responsible for setting up the integration between Speeki and Microsoft Teams?

Administrators or designated IT personnel within your organisation typically handle the integration setup process.

What are the steps to set up integration?

The client's Microsoft Administrators and client's Speeki Platform Administrators should be involved in this process. See steps in sequence.

1. Microsoft Administrators send the Microsoft Tenant ID to the Speeki Platform Administrators

2. Speeki Platform Administrators turn on MS Team integration under settings, paste the tenant ID and save the settings.

3. Microsoft Teams Administrators locate the Speeki App in the Microsoft Teams app store and grant app permission to use within organisation.

5. App Access and Features for End Users

How can end users (e.g. employees) access Speeki app within Microsoft Teams once integration is set up?

End users can access Speeki's reporting features directly within the Microsoft Teams interface after the integration is completed. They should be able to look up from the MS Team app store and pin it to the quick access menu for quicker access. They can initiate reports, and follow up on them within Teams.

What is the difference between having an account and using a guest account?

Having an account allows users to associate reports with their account, making it easier to follow up on multiple reports. Guest accounts are for one-time use and require users to enter a REPORT ID and REPORT PIN each time they want to follow up on a report.

How do users submit reports using Speeki?

Users start by launching the app inside MS Teams, it will be redirected to the company's Speeki portal immediately. They can then choose to create an account or continue as a guest. The reporting process involves providing incident details, optional personal contact information (which is sent to the company), and following a chatbot's questions to complete the report submission.

What capabilities does the Speeki app have?

1. Report: Users can submit reports securely through the app.

2. Follow-up via Chat Message: Users can engage in follow-up communication regarding reports through chat messages.

3. Attach Document, Video, Audio, Picture Evidences: Users have the capability to attach various types of evidence, including documents, videos, audio recordings, and images, to their reports.

4. See Status of the Report: Users can track the status of their reports within the app, providing transparency and accountability throughout the process.

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