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Assurance for corporate due diligence and supplier qualification.

There are now mandatory requirements in a growing number of countries to have a corporate due diligence system for the review and onboarding of suppliers.

Speeki Sentinel™ is your independent assurance solution to confirm assurance and compliance with the legislation that requires supplier qualification and due diligence.

Our solutions are designed to prevent 'greenwashing' and to ensure the most accurate and complete picture of your corporate due diligence efforts are presented to authorities in regular filings. Avoid disputes and regulatory enforcement with Speeki Sentinel™.

Speeki Sentinel™ provides assurance that your supplier qualification system works.

Our experts at Speeki have reviewed over 1000 third party due diligence programmes over the last 20+ years. We have a unique understanding of risk across risk areas like human rights, health & safety, anti-corruption, sanctions/embargoes and environmental.

Speeki Sentinel™ provides assurance that your programme and your annual report (as required by most mandatory legislation) is adequate, accurate, complete, effective and compliant.

Speeki Sentinel™ is designed to give you piece of mind that your supplier qualification process is working and is protecting the company and adding value to your supply chain.

Speeki Sentinel™ assurance can be filed alongside your mandatory filings.

Speeki Sentinel™ assurance is designed to ensure regulators, stakeholders, and customers of your efforts to qualify your suppliers.

Speeki Sentinel™ can be delivered across multiple country and business units.

Speeki Sentinel™ can be delivered across your entire supplier qualification process globally or across certain units in certain countries. You decide. Start small and then scale when you need to.

Speeki Sentinel™ is independent and conflict free.

Speeki Sentinel™ is a product of Speeki's European subsidiary, Speeki Europe, an ISO accredited certification body. We will only provide Speeki Sentinel™ when we have confirmed independence that allows us to act without fear of conflicts. In short, if Speeki built and designed your due diligence system, we would not be giving assurance through Speeki Sentinel™.

We are both audit, due diligence and content experts.

Speeki has the depth of experience in supplier risk mapping, supplier qualification, legal issues, audit issues and due diligence to qualify companies with assurance.

Why have your supplier qualification & due diligence programme assured?

Everyone is watching you.

Your regulators, your customers, your suppliers, the media and your community. Everyone expects you to engage suppliers that are free from at least the most common risks:
- bribery and corruption in your supply chain
- engagement of sanctioned or embargoed parties
- human rights abuses in the workplace
- unfair or unsafe work conditions
- human trafficking or slavery
- environmental degradation
- privacy mismanagement
- information security lapses
- misuse of confidential or sensitive data

The laws are holding you accountable for managing your supply chain and are proposing high fines, disbarments, public ridicule and significant impact on your reputation if you get it wrong.

Speeki Sentinel™ aims to helps you minimise those risks with our independent reporting on your assurance.

Insurance...against regulatory enforcement, shareholder actions, and greenwashing allegations.

For a clear fixed annual fee, Speeki Sentinel™ will conduct a review, audit and provide assurance of your supplier qualification and due diligence system. It is the best and most inexpensive way to gain the comfort that you meet the requirements and avoid litigation, and regulatory enforcement.

Build a stronger supply chain and be alert to new issues.

With all our experience in supplier qualification and on-boarding and our expertise in due diligence methods (having been involved in over 100,000 due diligence exercises) we are pretty confident our experts at Speeki can give you the assurance that you need and identify areas where you need to focus.

Supply chain risks are more than just theoretical.

You are expected to know your supply chain. You are expected to qualify them, conduct research and due diligence on them and assure regulators (and other stakeholders) that key risks are not present. You are expected to mitigate risks and address them if they happen. This is all a large set of requirements that must be observed.

Regulators are extending their powers to enforce supplier qualification steps.
The German Supply Chain Act started it, now it is a European directive, the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea and many others have now passed laws on supplier qualification and due diligence.
Employees of your suppliers can sue you without ever seeing you.
We have seen numerous occasions where this has happened. Prepare your company for shareholder or supplier suits and be ready to defend an allegation of supplier mis-management.
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Speeki Sentinel™ is scalable based on your needs

We know ESG and we know how to assess supplier qualification programmes. This is not an automated solution. We can scope a project based on your assurance requirements.

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Speeki Sentinel™ is delivered  by our experts quickly and effectively.

Our experts have reviewed and advised on over 1000 different corporate due diligence programmes and been responsible for overseeing over 100,000 high end due diligence reports. We know this space and are well placed to help assure.

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We pride ourselves on our skills, experience, business focus and attention to detail.

While we are providing assurance, our reports also include observations and opportunities for improvement. We are always open to giving as much guidance as we can on how you can better improve your due diligence.

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Speeki Sentinel™ Expert

Jenna Kim

Jenna Kim has been involved in compliance, governance and ESG for over 15 years. Entering the field through a marketing background, Jenna understands how to assess due diligence initiatives and describe them to your audience in ways they can understand.

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The top 6 reasons why Speeki Sentinel™ assurance is a great idea to build trust with suppliers and regulators.

We want you to present an accurate and complete representation of your corporate due diligence efforts. We want to present it in a way that shows that result and allows readers to see the impact you are having on improving your supply chain and managing risk. We know the positive impact that it can bring to your stakeholders.

Reduce the risk of fines

In each of the markets that you need to present and publish reports, our focus is to be your partner in assuring those reports. Our focus is your success and success is defined as having an accurate and complete report filed on time and which meets all the legal requirements.

Improvement builds a stronger supply chain

Speeki Sentinel™ assurance is the final layer in a reporting project. It is one thing to produce the report but another to add an assurance layer that provides additional independent analysis. Speeki Sentinel™ assurance offers a protective film that gives credibility and provides a level of protection to the company and those that rely on the report.

Great reporting will help your company

If you decide to get assurance for your reporting, there is no doubt that a focus on accuracy and completeness will help you improve and strive to achieve higher levels of reporting. Regulators are looking at your reports and the most comprehensive and accurate ones will pass quickly.

Verify your risk tolerance and approach to due diligence.

Part of our assurance is to validate your risk and to understand your tolerance for managing risk. It is only then that we can look at the due diligence and work out whether it is accurate and complete. While it is not a full risk assessment, the process may help you identify risk that you had not considered or even adjust areas where you might be overdoing it.

Save money, time and effort in your corporate due diligence programmes

Your corporate due diligence efforts are all based on risk. Corporate due diligence costs money and it takes time. Having looked at hundreds of these programmes, we can quickly suggest where you might be able to cut back and readjust saving you precious time and money.

Cost effective

Some of the best advice you might receive is through the assurance process. While it is up to you whether you heed that advice and build it into your programme, the assurance process comes with some opportunities for improvement. You might find the assurance process is actually a valuable part of your process and cost effective.

Supply Chain qualification and due diligence can be complex.

Want to know more? Reach out to a salesperson for a chat about Speeki Sentinel™.
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