Speeki Launch™

A complete ESG and sustainability programme ready for launch.

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Starting ESG and sustainability from scratch? We have you covered.

Speeki Launch ™ will help you get things started and get you well on the way to building a more sustainable business and a sustainable planet. We apply our Engage™ framework to help you launch your programme as quickly and efficiently as possible using our proven techniques.

If you already have an ESG programme in place and want it reviewed and improved, then check out our Speeki Uplift™ products that may be better aligned with your goals.

To get started with Speeki Launch™, reach out to us to complete a quick review of your company, clear any potential conflicts and make sure we are all aligned on your objectives. As one of our Speeki group companies is an accredited certification and assurance body we need to double check our conflicts to ensure we always remain independent for our assurance projects.

There isn't a standard for ESG and how to build a programme. So, we built our own.

Welcome to Engage™ a key element of Speeki Launch™

Our Engage™ framework is the proven way to launch an ESG and sustainability programme.

  • Following our Engage™ framework, Speeki can supercharge the launch of your ESG and sustainability efforts.

  • Most companies that offer consulting around ESG and sustainability will over-engineer a system that drags out an implementation. Because Engage™ is clear, documented and visual, you will always see where you are in the process.

  • If you ever want to use the Speeki Platform to manage your ESG efforts, because it is based on the Engage™ farmework, your implementation is almost seamless.

  • Many people make you think that ESG and sustainability is all about accessing data for reporting. It's more than that. Following a framework like Engage™ will help you avoid the 'it's all about data' trap and build a detailed programme that covers all aspects of ESG and sustainability.

  • Our team have had over 20 years building programmes in companies. Leverage our experience, our coaching, our tools and our framework to save you time and money.


Applying Engage™ as part of Speeki Launch™ means we have a structure that keeps the project on schedule.

  • Materiality Assessments, identifying risk, knowing where to focus your attention

  • Buy-In, executive commitment, and top management support for the initiative

  • Resources, competency, roles and responsibilties

  • Planning, criteria, KPIs, objectives

  • Implementation, controls, tools, technologies

  • Training, awareness, communications

  • Monitoring, measuring

  • Reporting, improvement


Ready for Launch ?

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    Speeki Launch™ will build a system for ESG and sustainability that addresses the overall opportunities of ESG and manages risk in a way that is measurable and effective.

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    Speeki Launch™ is a business-driven approach to manage ESG and sustainabiliity that is right sized for your business and adds value without being a distraction.

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    Speeki launch™ will improve your company's understanding of complex ESG and sustainability issues and document your system.

The aim of Speeki Launch™ is to get your company on the ESG and sustainability path.

We know our content

Our team are experts in all ESG and sustainability and know how to build a management system to manage the key areas both from a risk perspective and from an opportunity perspective.

Our Engage™ framework is at the heart of Speeki Launch™ and ensures that you know where you are at in any given time.

Simplify effecting change

We are focused on equipping companies with skills to manage their own ESG and sustainability initiatives according to the Engage™ framework.

Change management, leading without authority, coaching and education are all part of the process.

Lean-in dynamically

With the right skills propvided by Speeki Launch™, in-house teams can move closer to attaining your ESG and sustainability objectives or set new achievements.

Ultimately, while you own ESG and sustainability in your company, we can help you supercharge and launch your initiatives with Speeki Launch™.


Speeki Launch™
Key features

  • Projects are lead by senior people

    Delivered by a leader in ESG consulting for over twenty years.

  • Customer success concierge

    Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time, has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

  • Multiple language support

    We can operate in multiple countries and multiple languages.

  • Clear and simple guidance

    We speed up the launch of your ESG and sustainability initiatives using Speeki’s clear Engage™ framework.

  • Time sensitive and fixed price

    Our projects are fixed price and generally fixed time for delivery wherever possible.

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Let us help you.

Speeki works with your people, processes, cultures and overall ESG objectives to make ESG a business imperative.



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