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We build it for you. A complete corporate ESG programme.

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Design. Build. Implement. Measure. Improve.

Speeki, through its global resources, offers a variety of solutions to launch your ESG programme or help launch initiatives around a particular ESG risk area.

Speeki helps organisations decrease the divide between their objectives and their current status. Subject to our clearance of conflicts and impartiality, we can help launch an ESG programme from scratch or take over one that is partly developed.*

*As an accredited entity, Speeki Europe SAS does not conduct advisory or management system consultancy activities.

No matter what risk area we work on, we apply the same framework in building a system to manage the risks.

Our 'Engage' framework is the best way to build a programme that works and can be leveraged

  • Following our Engage framework, Speeki can implement a Conflicts of Interest programme as part of the 'G in ESG' that meets the requirements of ISO 37301 (if you ever want to be certified).

  • Building a better workplace through implementing key 'S in ESG' initiatives including Harassment, Discrimination and ethical Workplace Practices

  • Using Engage and the Speeki Platform to implement a comprehensive Whistleblowing Programme that meets the requirements of ISO 37002 (in case you ever want to be certified)

  • Using our expert skills in Anti-Bribery and Corruption Management Systems to build a programme according to ISO 37001 and work towards a certification under that Standard.

  • Making sure that the 'G in ESG' is covered with expert-led Governance and Compliance Practices according to ISO 37000 and ISO 37301, the two leading standards in the world on these topics.


Key Areas of 'Engage' that we focus on in each system we build to enhance value to the business and its stakeholders

  • Risk Assessment, identifying risk, knowing where to focus your attention

  • Buy-In, executive commitment, and top management support for the initiative

  • Resources, competency, roles and responsibilties

  • Planning, criteria, KPIs, objectives

  • Implementation, controls, tools, technologies

  • Training, awareness, communications

  • Monitoring, measuring

  • Reporting, improvement


The outcome

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    A system around ESG that addresses the overall opportunities of ESG and manages risk in a way that is measurable and effective

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    A business-driven approach to manage ESG risk that is right sized for the business and fit for purpose that adds value to the business and is not a distraction

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    Improved understanding of complex ESG issues with confidence through Speeki’s highly experienced consultants and programme experts

Our focus is to help you build the end-to-end solution for ESG.

We know our content

Our team are experts in all ESG risk areas and know how to build a management system to manage the key areas both from a risk perspective and from an opportunity perspective. Our Engage framework is at the heart of our Speeki ESG Academy.

Simplify effecting change

We are focused on equipping companies with skills to manage their own ESG initiatives according to a set programme, known as 'Engage'.

Focus on areas for improvement with clear recommended actions whilst sustaining those programmes that are operating smoothly.

Leap forward dynamically

With the right skills, in-house teams can move closer to attaining your ESG objectives, or set new ESG goals surpassing previous achievements.

Ultimately, you own ESG and you are responsible for it, but knowing the shortcuts on implementing and managing ESG is a key benefit to any company.


Key features

  • Projects are lead by senior people

    Delivered by a leader in ESG consulting for over twenty years.

  • Customer success concierge

    Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time, has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

  • Multiple language support

    We can operate in multiple countries and multiple languages.

  • Clear and simple guidance

    We speed up improvement of your ESG initiatives using Speeki’s clear directions and recommendations.

  • Time sensitive and fixed price

    Our projects are fixed price and generally fixed time for delivery wherever possible.

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Let us help you.

Speeki works with your people, processes, cultures and overall ESG objectives to make ESG a business imperative.



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