Speeki includes a powerful case management and incident tracking system to manage your company-wide whistleblowing system.

Whether the issue is raised directly to management or through one of the reporting tools (e.g the Speeki mobile app, MS 365 Teams, desktop, email, phone) any concern received is logged inside Speeki.

Speeki meets all the legal requirements of a whistleblowing system and gives flexibility for country or regional partitions as required by local laws.

Speeki supports a reporter making a report in any language and even supports reporters who want to remain anonymous.

Speeki allows the reporter to input information from any device using the Speeki App or through calling a telephone number. Once received, the case management and tracking solution allows managers to categorise the issue raised, add additional information, store notes and engage with the reporter through chat functions in any language (even if the reporter is anonymous).

Flexible to manage multiple regional permissions and access rights for admins

Meets all requirements of European whistleblowing legislation.

The Speeki platform's case management system is designed to meet all the requirements of local laws including GDPR and European directives on whistleblowing.

Dialogue with the reporter in any language no matter the issue

Supply Chain ready

The case management system and the input from reporters is designed to be used by anyone. Employees, partners, suppliers even members of the community can record issues that they see around your programme. It is ready to meet all supply chain reporting laws to address modern-day slavery risks, one of the key elements of an ESG programme.

Ensure anonymity, privacy and confidentiality

Our advanced technology supports all necessary elements of a whistleblowing system.

The case management features of the Speeki Platform were designed specifically using advanced technology to leverage the ease of ensuring anonymity, confidentiality, privacy and engagement with reporters who might use the system.


Hosted in secure data centres in multiple regions


Your data is encrypted while moving and on our servers


Much of the case management system is configurable


The case management tools meet all available laws and best practices on whistleblowing and investigations


Engage with a reporter and conduct an investigation in any language at no extra cost


Our team is available for any and all help with your platform and how you can maximise your case management

If someone wants to raise an issue with your company, Speeki helps with its advanced AI capability.

Incident Management Portal for company and employee

Guide any reporter with customised pages giving support and direction

If you want people to report issues when they see something, then you need to make it super easy, super efficient and super safe for them to report. Giving the flexibility to customise your message and customise their experience is key in building that trust and adoption in reporting an issue. Speeki encourages people to customise their messages to help identify how and when the reporting system should be used.

Making it easy to collect evidence and information from your reporters

If you have someone reporting a safety issue or maybe raising an issue about illegal dealing, corrupt activity or even fraud, gathering evidence is an essential part of the reporting process and the investigations.

Speeki makes it simple for the reporter to upload videos, texts, documents or images as part of their submission. They even have a dialogue with our embedded AI ESG officer to help guide them on providing information essential to any investigation.

Allowing employee to upload evidence
allow employee to chat with compliance team

Follow up with a reporter who wants to remain anonymous using simple tools like messenger.

The Speeki platform's case management system has very useful tools to help any member of the investigations team engage with a reporter, even if the reporter remains anonymous. They can even engage in their own language with automatic translations embedded into the case management features.

Identifying trends and insights from Speeki

overview of received incidents

Data is key and using the case management system within Speeki will make your investigations easier.

Over time, if there is a culture developed of speaking up and reporting issues from your stakeholders, you will start to develop a core set of data that can be used to identify new or evolving risk areas. The case management system allows you to categorise and see potential ESG issues and trends in real time.

Tracking investigations using Speeki

The case management and tracking features of Speeki allow you to build your knowledge about issues reported on your ESG programmes. It will allow you to conduct investigations, build triage information and build a dataset of information that you need to conduct an investigation.

With powerful permissions and country/region partitioning, the confidentiality of investigations can always be protected. Set up the Speeki platform in a way that supports your business and meets any local laws around access and partitioning of country or sensitive data.

Tracking investigation using Speeki
Manage multiple sites and locations for your incident management

Managing multiple sites and locations with Speeki

In some countries there is a need to segregate access and data to certain individuals in certain countries. This might be a result of local laws or restrictions imposed by sensitive subject matter.

Speeki is extremely flexible in how it can be configured to support the ongoing segregation of data across a large company.

Analysing trends and gaps to predict potential risks.

Engage™ can work on any ESG focus area or across ESG as a whole. Applying Engage™ will help build something that works, has objectives, goals and can be measured. You get to choose the number of risk areas that you want to focus on and you get to prioritise how you manage them.

Combined with other data from the Speeki platform (e.g results of surveys, declarations, audits, social listening) the data starts to tell your ESG story and predict how you are going to engage with ESG risks going forward.

analyse trend based on incident reporting trend
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Speeki is revolutionising ESG through its reporting and case management features.

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