Report key data to management, customers and investors with one click

  • Speeki supports programme design, building and documentation for over 20 topics within the Speeki Platform
  • Build all of your programmes within Speeki, including energy management, waste management, health and safety, anti-corruption, human rights, whistleblowing and more using Speeki's Engage™ framework and ISO management system standards
  • With all of your programmes built inside the Speeki Platform, you have a ready-made set of data from which to generate reports for key stakeholders

Learn more about how to build programmes and leverage your data for reporting.

make internal and stakeholder reporting easier.

How easy is it to extract your ESG information?

Everyone wants information on how you are progressing on key ESG, sustainability and 'extra-financial' topics. With Speeki, you just press a button to generate a report.

getting all data together

This customer wants to know now ...

Are customers asking you to complete questionnaires and hand over data to explain your approach on key topics?

multiple channels

Don't get caught in the 'questionnaire trap'

Are you being asked to complete hundreds of questionnaires from customers? Get ahead of the curve with Speeki by building your programmes according to best practices. Answer your customers’ questions by providing a summary report of your programmes right from the Speeki Platform.


Show, don't tell

Show your customers your exceptional management of key ESG, sustainability and 'extra-financial' topics with Speeki. Become the chosen provider that is leading in transparency and best practices.

ESG reporting dashboard
getting all data togethermultiple channelsquestionnaire ESG reporting dashboard

Speeki: your solution to manage all your ESG, sustainability and extra-financial topics in one platform to support easy reporting

The Speeki Platform offers comprehensive support for providing key stakeholders with information on your programmes.

Comprehensive reporting solution

Make your own custom reports or use our templates. You can combine topics, join areas and create unique reports by tagging relevant data in the platform.

Continuous support

Speeki helps our clients build a comprehensive set of reports and can guide you on the types of reports you need. Have your templates ready for customers, partners, management, the board or investors.

Customer ready

Our reports extract the relevant information in Word format, ready for you to tidy and send out. You can use the reporting system to report any element of your programmes.

Centralised data

Using Speeki to manage your key topics means that all your data (if properly tagged) is available for reporting. No more trying to join data from multiple platforms. It is all in one place and ready to report.

Most ESG, sustainability and compliance experts spend too much time producing reports.
Speeki makes it simple.

Speeki will help you streamline your reporting process.

Produce a report on any (or all) of 20+ topics covered in Speeki

If you use Speeki to manage a key topic, then the data is all there in Speeki to report. The reporting module is there to make it easier to report the contents of the platform to management, the board or stakeholders.

Write once, report multiple times

The concept of Speeki and our unique way of helping you manage over 20 key topics in the platform means that you can write once and use many times in your reporting. You can, for example, report elements of your anti-bribery and human rights initiatives to management as a quarterly report.

Tailored templates and custom reports

Leverage ready-made templates and design custom reports at any time.

Use Speeki to produce reports ready for customers

If customers ask you for information on your compliance initiatives, whether human rights, child labour, DEI, waste management or anti-corruption, Speeki can quickly produce reports on those topics.

Use Speeki for your regular updates to management and the board

The perfect solution for every professional is to have one platform that can produce a report at any time on any topic and have that report contain a customer-selected suite of data ready for an audience. This is possible with the proper use of the Speeki platform and the correct data.

Use Speeki to keep stakeholders updated

You can produce reports on the status of all your ESG and sustainability actions, objectives and targets. Building these inside the platform allows you to create these reports as required.

Ready for editing, proofreading and design

Speeki reports are produced in Word format, ready for your team to design and finalise (if necessary). That way, they can be easily edited and tidied before sending out.

No matter what your internal or stakeholder reporting needs are, Speeki can help

We're your trusted partner in ESG, sustainability and 'extra-financial' reporting.


At Speeki, we recognise that sustainability reporting is more than a compliance requirement; it's an ongoing journey. Speeki is your partner in showcasing your dedication to a sustainable future. Join us and experience the Speeki difference.

Reporting the status of your ESG and sustainability initiatives to your stakeholders should be simple

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