Speeki and Peony & Magnolia announce strategic partnership

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Speeki and Peony & Magnolia announce strategic partnership

London, United Kingdom, 22 September 2022 | Speeki, a leading international provider of ESG, whistleblower reporting and compliance solutions and services, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Peony & Magnolia, a British consultancy firm that specialises in human resources solutions. Developing the right workplace where all people – employees, contractors and third parties – are safe and can thrive is an essential part of the 'S' in ESG. HR teams can directly contribute to ESG by building a better workplace.

This is why Speeki, on our mission to hear all voices, decided to partner with Peony & Magnolia. Led by founder Alice Bromwich, Peony & Magnolia is a talented team of highly experienced HR professionals, providing HR services of the highest quality across a range of industries in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Speeki’s cutting-edge technology solutions will help Peony & Magnolia operationalise ESG to drive growth opportunities and get the maximum benefits from ESG. Conversely, Speeki will now be able to reach for expert help in the field of human resources whenever business calls for it.

‘This is a great opportunity for Speeki, as Peony & Magnolia is our first human resources partner,’ says Scott Lane, CEO at Speeki. ‘The team at Peony & Magnolia understand perfectly that ESG is now becoming part of the HR business – having a connection to Speeki’s ESG services will no doubt be useful in this regard.’

‘Now is the perfect time for Peony & Magnolia to partner with Speeki, says Alice Bromwich. The future of work is on a trajectory of change, engaging, retaining, nurturing, and listening to your people is the foundation of understanding and evolving company culture. Speeki echoes these sentiments with their offering, and it is an exciting opportunity we are all looking forward to developing.’

As the two companies plan on collaborating further, their customers will certainly also benefit. For Peony & Magnolia, demonstrating ESG awareness is a fantastic addition in enhancing the employment relationship and influencing the future ways of work. For Speeki, having the additional exposure to a more HR-oriented audience will unquestionably help on the journey to a more ESG-friendly world.

Both parties are excited about this partnership and the benefits it brings to their customers, now and in the future.

Want to find out more? Contact Andrew Goy at andrew.goy@speeki.com for more information on Speeki’s partnership programme.

About Speeki

The Speeki Platform enables businesses to automate and operationalise ESG and compliance practices using app-first, AI-driven technology. At Speeki, we believe that companies should ‘hear all voices’ and the Speeki App gives employees a secure and safe way to report matters to management (even anonymously, if necessary) and operationalise governance and compliance tasks.

The SaaS-based Speeki Platform allows HR, legal, compliance and other executive teams to manage issues, conduct reviews, engage with reporters and conduct follow-up investigations in a secure workplace and case management centre.

As an accredited ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification body, Speeki provides a range of ISO certifications, audits, training and readiness assessments, guiding clients through the ISO certification process from start to finish. Speeki also has a long history of providing a range of consultancy services and has recently introduced ESG ratings across 19 key ESG risk areas, allowing clients to test their programmes against best practices and receive a rating.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

About Peony & Magnolia

Alice Bromwich established the HR consultancy Peony & Magnolia in 2019 and, as a true HR professional, set the foundations from the beginning. She considered what values she wanted her business to grow from, what vision she had for delivering effective HR to others, and how this could be translated into the solutions she and her associates deliver.

The team at Peony & Magnolia are skilled at dealing with your HR issues, adaptable and able to scale to your needs. Be it a yearly ‘HR MOT’, ensuring compliance to the ever changing employment law practices, being your standalone HR Advisor that is on hand when needed. To setting the agenda for your HR vision and strategy, being a shadow HRD, assisting and influencing board decisions and transformational change alongside your SLT.

Peony & Magnolia’s knowledge of human resources makes them the obvious choice. Their values and behaviours sit at the foundation of the company, are reflected in their conduct and all that they do.

Peony & Magnolia – our business to know your people.

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