More than just a software platform, Speeki comes with built-in guidance and advice

ESG & Sustainability can cover over twenty different topics across the ESG spectrum. From waste management to whistleblowing and climate change to compliance, the topics are wide and deep.

Speeki recognizes that not every company has the experience to manage all these issues. Our focus at Speeki is to help you with embedded guidance within the Platform.

With over 500 Speeki Quick Note videos already inside the platform and with more to come, Speeki is providing more than software with guidance, advice, tips and directions on how to make ESG & Sustainability a competitive advantage.

Speeki Quick Note Videos give practical guidance on building programmes, answering questions, or helping with explanations of the disclosure requirements. Speeki's Quick Note Videos provide significant value to Speeki clients by leveraging our experience at Speeki and helping you save time and money.

Prepared by ESG experts and delivered by our embedded Ai assistant, Nicole.

Despite being delivered using our Ai, assistant, Nicole, all of the content for every video is written by our experts. We use Nicole as our Ai assistant to deliver the content, but the content is prepared by our 20+ year experts in content areas.


Practical advice and guidance mapped to the specific input that is required

Speeki Quick Note videos are not 'help' on using the Speeki platform, they are guidance and advice on key risk, compliance, and best practices on designing, building, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on ESG & Sustainability.

Content is always available, always free, and always being enhanced.

Speeki will continue to provide increased input and guidance in the form of Speeki Quick Note Videos as we continue to develop more guidance and best practices. As the industry changes and best practices are developed, we will create more content to share across the Speeki client base.

Examples of Speeki Quick Note Videos

There are hundreds of Speeki Quick Note Videos integrated into Speeki providing you with guidance, advice, best practices, and tips. Below is a short selection from some topics to help you see the value of Speeki Quick Note Videos and how they set us apart from being 'just another ESG & Sustainability software platform'. Our videos range from 30 seconds through to around 3 minutes. They are short, to the point and directed at giving you what you need at the time and place that you need it.

Speeki is more than just ESG & Sustainability software. Speeki is content rich and expert driven to help you achieve your ESG & Sustainability goals, faster and with less pain.

Reach out to learn more about Speeki and why we are different.