Ready-made templates embedded in Speeki

The pre-built templates inside Speeki allow you to operationalise your ESG and sustainability programmes. Save money and time by using the intelligence and guidance already within the platform. Use our templates, assessments and questionnaires to manage climate change, ensure responsible sourcing, and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, with solutions for employee diversity, equity and inclusion surveys and supplier management.

A selection of our templates across various areas within ESG and sustainability are shown here. Use these templates as you need to manage your programmes. You can build more at any time within the platform.

Leverage Speeki templates

Speeki is more than just a software platform. It has embedded guidance, advice, templates and tools to manage ESG and sustainability. Using Speeki to build your ESG and sustainability programmes will build up your dataset and support ESG disclosures.

Speeki questionnaire templates for ESG, HR, compliance and corporate governance.

Pre-built questions

Use a pre-built template to easily create and deploy a survey or disclosure.

Customisation options

Duplicate the template and create a version of your own questionnaire.

In-app chat follow-up

Send clarification chats to your disclosure for any follow-up conversations.


Uncover trends in survey and disclosure results and use them to make informed decisions.

Very simple to use within the Speeki platform

Login to Speeki

Start by logging into Speeki with your credentials. This will give you access to a suite of tools designed to build and manage ESG and sustainability.

Go to Survey or Disclosure tool

Once logged in, go to the Survey or Disclose tool. These tools are specifically tailored to help you efficiently gather and disclose your ESG data.

Select the pre-built template

Choose from a selection of pre-built templates. These templates are designed to comply with various ESG reporting standards and for reporting to internal management, making it easier for you to meet your reporting obligations.

Review content and schedule roll-out

Thoroughly review the content in your chosen template to ensure it meets your needs. Add or remove questions and set answer types to tailor the template to your organisation's needs. Once you are satisfied, schedule the roll-out to a selected group or to the entire organisation for the data collection and reporting process.

Speeki is not just an empty reporting system. We provide guidance, advice and best practices within our platform to help you make ESG and sustainability a competitive advantage.