Online course: Upgrading your modern-day slavery programme beyond a policy

The role of a modern-day slavery programme 

Upgrading a modern-day slavery programme is of utmost importance in combatting human trafficking, forced labour and other forms of modern slavery. By establishing comprehensive policies, due diligence processes and supply chain transparency, organisations can proactively address this global issue, protect human rights, and ensure ethical practices throughout their operations and supply chains.

Get insights into upgrading a modern-day slavery programme to make it more than a policy 

Enhance your knowledge and skills in upgrading a modern-day slavery programme through our engaging live online course. Gain insights into crucial areas, including:

  • staying up to date with the current legal and regulatory landscape and emerging trends 
  • following a framework and overview of Speeki Engage and relevant ISO standards 
  • identifying modern-day slavery issues in your business and its ecosystem 
  • conducting due diligence and screening of suppliers for modern-day slavery issues 
  • building a comprehensive modern-day slavery programme that goes beyond a policy 
  • embracing documentation and best practices in reviewing modern-day slavery in a business. 

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‘Upgrading your modern-day slavery programme’ is an online course designed for:
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companies looking to improve their modern-day slavery programmes
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companies looking to transform their modern-day slavery policies into comprehensive programmes
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individuals implementing new due diligence rules in Europe, Australia and other countries
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individuals who want to learn more about modern-day slavery risks.

This session will include a presentation as well as some practical examples built on a fictional company scenario. Participants will gain valuable insights into upgrading a modern-day slavery programme through a combination of theoretical frameworks and real-world applications. 

After completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge of upgrading a modern-day slavery programme. 

Join us for our two-hour live online course, where one of our expert trainers will give you insights into upgrading a modern-day slavery programme to move it beyond a policy into something that can combat modern-day slavery within your organisation. 

Explore the advantages of our live courses, where you can actively participate by asking questions, networking, engaging with speakers and fostering productive dialogue for your professional development. 

Online course: Upgrading your modern-day slavery programme beyond a policy

Join our immersive online course designed to equip professionals with essential skills and knowledge in the realm of upgrading a modern-day slavery programme.

USD $249

23 July 2024

4:00pm CEST / 10:00am EDT

Two-hour live online session

Your modern-day slavery expert trainers

Scott Lane
Scott Lane
CEO and Founder

With his extensive background as a lawyer and technologist, Scott Lane has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide in meetings, conferences, online learning and webinars, cementing his position as a stalwart trainer in the ESG, assurance, governance, social, anti-corruption and compliance areas. He is a leader in ESG, having written hundreds of articles on ESG topics. Scott’s practical guidance not only helps people meet regulatory requirements but also encourages them to consider how ESG can benefit their business.

Pauline Bailly
Pauline Bailly
Head of Anti-Corruption Certification

Pauline Bailly is the Head of Anti-Corruption Certification at Speeki. With a global reach, Pauline collaborates closely with Speeki’s clients worldwide, overseeing their certification projects and ensuring seamless execution. She has been a pivotal part of our journey since the group's acquisition in 2018, working alongside our CEO and contributing significantly to Speeki's ongoing success.

Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson
Senior Advisor

Andrew Henderson is a Senior Advisor here at Speeki. He's our go-to solution-finder, assisting our teams in selling and creating new products, and guiding clients with advice and certifications. Andrew brings a strong blend of tech know-how and legal training to the table. With extensive industry experience and over 15 years of working closely with our CEO, Andrew plays a vital role in Speeki's growth and evolution.