Speeki and Sustainous announce strategic partnership

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Speeki and Sustainous announce strategic partnership

Speeki is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Sustainous, a consortium of industry experts and scholars specialising in ESG.  

Sustainous: A trusted partner for sustainable transformation 

Sustainous provides advisory services tailored to each company's needs using ESG practices to create long-term shared value. Its goal is to help companies of all sizes increase their positive social and environmental impacts. 

Sustainous and Speeki: Tailored advisory services for sustainable impact 

The partnership enriches Sustainous's consulting approach, helping clients build their ESG and sustainability initiatives through Speeki's technology.  

In addition, given Sustainous’s Greece base, its clients must adeptly report on ESRS alongside other standards. This collaboration grants Speeki regional entry into Greek and Southern European markets, fortified by Sustainous's local market expertise.  

Sustainous's climate risk services complement Speeki's offerings, enabling both companies to offer a more complete suite of services. 

This partnership combines technological innovation with consulting expertise to deliver enhanced value to ESG and sustainability clients. 

Speeki: Your trusted partner in sustainability management and reporting 

At Speeki, we recognise that sustainability reporting is a continuous journey. Our platform is your companion on the path to a sustainable future, making every step informed and effective. 

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