The significance of the ISO 37001 standard

Transparency and trust are crucial for any organisation's credibility. ISO 37001 is an international standard that helps combat bribery by establishing anti-bribery policies, compliance oversight, training, risk assessment, financial controls and reporting procedures. ISO 37001 provides a globally recognised framework to tackle the destructive issue of bribery and demonstrate a dedicated effort to eliminate it.

Become an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor with Speeki

Attend Speeki's ISO 37001 Lead Auditor training and become an ISO 37001 auditor to minimise risk within your organisation, increase stakeholder confidence, prevent bribery and stay ahead of your competitors.

During this three-day online training you will:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects and value of ISO 37001, including an overview of the ISO Harmonized Structure
  • get a step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter deep dive into the ISO 37001 standard and its requirements
  • learn how to prepare for an audit and certification of your anti-bribery management system to meet the requirements of ISO 37001

attend an exam to recap content and validate acquired knowledge.

‘Become an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor’ is online training designed for:
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individuals looking to implement and improve their anti-bribery management systems
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individuals looking to ensure anti-bribery compliance
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individuals in charge of auditing anti-bribery management systems
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specialised consultants and lawyers preparing their organisations for certification.

Seats per training session are limited, so register early to confirm your attendance. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the world's leading audit and certification experts. 

Our team of global auditors and technical experts helps organisations worldwide audit their compliance programmes, assessing them against the ISO 37001 standard with a view to certification.

Online training: Become an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor – Anti-Bribery Management Systems

Join our online training designed to equip professionals with essential skills and knowledge in the realms of ISO 37001 and anti-bribery management systems.

USD $3,900


Three days

On request only

Your assurance and ISO management systems expert trainers

Scott Lane
Scott Lane
CEO and Founder

With his extensive background as a lawyer and technologist, Scott Lane has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide in meetings, conferences, online learning and webinars, cementing his position as a stalwart trainer in the ESG, assurance, governance, social, anti-corruption and compliance areas. He is a leader in ESG, having written hundreds of articles on ESG topics. Scott’s practical guidance not only helps people meet regulatory requirements but also encourages them to consider how ESG can benefit their business.

Pauline Bailly
Pauline Bailly
Head of Anti-Corruption Certification

Pauline Bailly is the Head of Anti-Corruption Certification at Speeki. With a global reach, Pauline collaborates closely with Speeki’s clients worldwide, overseeing their certification projects and ensuring seamless execution. She has been a pivotal part of our journey since the group's acquisition in 2018, working alongside our CEO and contributing significantly to Speeki's ongoing success.

Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson
Senior Advisor

Andrew Henderson is a Senior Advisor here at Speeki. He's our go-to solution-finder, assisting our teams in selling and creating new products, and guiding clients with advice and certifications. Andrew brings a strong blend of tech know-how and legal training to the table. With extensive industry experience and over 15 years of working closely with our CEO, Andrew plays a vital role in Speeki's growth and evolution.