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Readiness Assessment

Assess and check your reporting system

The Speeki Guardian™ Readiness Assessment is ideal for organisations that are considering having their ESG reporting assured, but need comfort on the readiness of their existing controls and processes that lead into their ESG report. This valuable assessment will highlight potential problem areas that require further development prior to undergoing an audit and assurance project.

It is an interactive workshop and gap analysis exercise designed to assess objectively how your organisation's ESG reporting system measures up against the requirements of the relevant standard that you are following (e.g. ESRS, BSRS etc).

Speeki experts will walk you through each requirement to see what you have in place and to make sure that you are ready. Following the workshop, you will receive a scorecard and report outlining how your existing reporting measures up against the relevant standard.

Is your reporting system up to the standard?

  1. Objective benchmarking

    You will receive an unbiased benchmarking of your organisation’s reporting system.

  2. Assurance preparation

    The scoring of each requirement helps your organisation prepare for an assurance audit, highlighting areas that need further attention.

  3. Further system development

    You will be able to use our report as an input to prepare a plan for further development of your reporting system. 


  1. Begin with an interactive workshop that introduces the relevant standard requirements, its value, and the assurance process.

  2. Participate in a face-to-face question session led by Speeki experts to help you learn about existing reporting initiatives, processes, and documentation.

  3. Understand where your current reporting system stands with a quantitative assessment that evaluates how your organisation measures up against each relevant standard requirement.

  4. Receive an overall evaluation presentation within two weeks after the end of the workshop, reporting the gaps and areas for improvement for your management team’s review and action.


At the end of the Readiness Assessment seminar, the percentage of deployment is automatically transformed into a graphic indicating the level of achievement of the system. A written report follows two weeks later. 

How it works remotely

The remote workshop will follow the general methodology of the in-person session, except that it is divided into 2 half-day online sessions. It will begin with the reporting team and be followed by representatives from relevant departments if feasible (including management, procurement, HR, sales, and finance). It is recommended, at a minimum, that representatives from management attend the presentation of results.


Building confidence - a pre-audit check is highly valuable

The Pre-Audit determines your organisation’s readiness for an assurance of your ESG reporting system and helps you understand how the process works prior to conducting a full-blown Speeki Guardian™ project.

Full preparation for your Speeki Guardian™ project.

  1. Evaluate your ESG reporting system

    Obtain a thorough understanding of your ESG reporting system's strengths and weaknesses. A fully-qualified auditor assesses your system comprehensively and provides you with detailed information.

  2. Optimise Assurance success

    Enter an assurance audit scenario without the pressure of potentially struggling through the assurance process, and let our auditors pinpoint any key areas that require further development or improvement.

  3. Build ESG reporting and accuracy into the fabric of your business

    Demonstrate to stakeholders through a Pre-Audit that you have created an organisational culture where ESG reporting accuracy and completeness is a fundamental part of doing business.


  1. Complete an application questionnaire

    We obtain a better idea of your organisation, goals for ESG reporting, business model, and details of the standards that you are meeting for ESG reporting.

  2. Identify and select audit sites or areas

    We base this on your organisation’s size, industry, risks, current ESG initiatives and ESG reporting and assurance requirements.

  3. Attend a kick-off meeting

    We ensure alignment on context and help you to establish a personalised audit programme.

  4. Participate in an interview

    Our auditor visits your site, conducts interviews with staff identified in the audit plan, analyses your processes and practices, considers all your current ESG reporting on those areas and presents their findings.

  5. Understand all aspects of the ESG reporting standard’s requirements

    You gain a thorough understanding of how ready you are to kick off the ESG reporting assurance project.

  6. Receive a detailed report

    We detail all the findings and identify strengths and weaknesses in your ESG reporting system.

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Corporate Training

Get your entire team on board with ESG reporting.

Start preparing yourself and your extended teams by attending one of our training sessions, which are held exclusively for companies looking to embark with Speeki Guardian™.

Quick glance at our custom training options

Taking place over a three-day period, our corporate training will thoroughly showcase the relevant standard's framework and apply it to your company. This knowledge can then be utilised to effectively build and participate in the establishment of your reporting system. It is perfect for all levels and all types of participants, and should be a prerequisite for any company about to participate in Speeki Guardian™ projects.

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Management Briefing

Educate internally, demonstrate trust externally

If you are struggling to explain the business value of Speeki Guardian™ and independent assurance to management and executives, or need help facilitating a discussion with other stakeholders, you should consider our Speeki Guardian™ Management Briefing.

Before embarking on Speeki Guardian™, it is important that you and your stakeholders understand the standard’s requirements and the business value of assurance. Through the Speeki Guardian™ Management Briefing, our experts meet with your team to discuss the dangers and financial impact that ESG might pose to your company based on your business model, operations, and existing ESG programme. We then help you articulate the business value and specific benefits of Speeki Guardian™ so you can develop buy-in for ESG assurance.

Relay the business value of Speeki Guardian™ Assurance

  1. Gain a detailed understanding of the relevant Standard (e.g ESRS, CSRD, BSRS)

    Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Standard and the steps needed for assurance.

  2. Recognise and explain the business value

    Learn to appreciate and articulate the business value of ESG reporting and assurance.

  3. Demonstrate the benefits

    Convince key stakeholders of the benefits of ESG reporting and assurance through guidance from our experts.