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Speeki takes a different model to assurance. Learn more about Speeki Guardian™.

Get ISO 37001 and ISO 37301 certified today.Assurance of ESG initiatives

Speeki believes that non-financial reporting is best done by content experts in ESG.

It is becoming a true badge of honour to have your programmes certified by an accredited expert against a universally accepted Standard like those published by the ISO. More and more global standards are being introduced to address key risk areas across the ESG risk model.

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Why Speeki guardian™ makes more sense

Speeki believes that non-financial assurance of an ESG report is totally different to a financial/accounting audit.

There are lots of differences including the obvious. Numbers (typically) are not baseless or fraudulent. The problem with ESG Reports is that numbers are only 20% and the remaining 80% are words.

Words have meaning. Words are confusing. Words can mislead. That's why we focus not only on getting the numbers and reporting accurate on metrics, but the explanation and the 'words' have to be correct as well.

Three things are for sure: accountants are great at numbers and marketers are good at pictures. Lawyers are good at words. We believe a mix of skills is what Assurance needs.

Key Differences

Assurance for ESG reporting is not an 'end of year' audit. It is spread across the year.

Assurance for ESG Reporting is ongoing and a partnership. It is not a transactional 'tick box'.

Our experts are normally legally trained and are used to challenging the meaning of words.

Don't be fooled that financial and non-financial reporting need to be together.

There is no need for both your typical financial audits and your non-financial audits to be together. In fact, there is a strong reason to have them separate and the non-financial audit not with an accounting body. The skillsets needed are different, the timing is different and the methodology is different. The accounting firm auditors are regularly changed, although there may be less of a need for non-financial accounting firms.

Speeki Guardian™ is not an 'end of year' solution.

Speeki believes that assurance on ESG reporting is more than just an end of year solution where we 'look over the report'. The process should be broken up throughout the year and be focused on assuring the 'systems' of ESG reporting work and they can be reviewed at various intervals. There is a lot of work that can be assured throughout the year and our model is to support clients and their own capacity issues to manage that project at times that suit their business.

Personal and client focused

We are a results oriented business that believes in unparalled customer experience. This is built over time by providing exceptional levels of support, business acumen and content expertise to the process of ESG reporting.

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