Demonstrate the highest standards of compliance with ESG requirements

Assurance of ESG initiatives

Certifying your specific risk programmes against a known standard like one from the ISO is the gold standard in ESG

It is becoming a true badge of honour to have your programmes certified by an accredited expert against a universally accepted Standard like those published by the ISO. More and more global standards are being introduced to address key risk areas across the ESG risk model.

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Case Study

A large global engineering company headquartered in Europe had developed its anti-corruption programmes according to the ISO 37001 Standard, and now aims to gain strong recognition of its compliance system by obtaining a certification.

Gaining a certification from an accredited certification body is significant for any company. The certification audit can be tough but very rewarding. Speeki, through its Speeki Europe SAS subsidiary (formerly ETHIC Intelligence SAS) in France, is an accredited body to conduct certifications under the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Standard.


A certification by an accredited body is a mark of success

The certification process keeps your programme focused on improvement

Being certified by renowned experts makes the certification even more valuable

Situation or challenge

Our clients were being required by several tender documents to have a certification of their anti-bribery programme in order to submit tenders on certain contracts. The client turned to Speeki Europe SAS, our subsidiary company in France that is accredited to award certifications, to gain a certification under ISO 37001.


The process of certification includes an audit (as required by the ISO certification rules), significant and deep review of documentation, transactional sample testing, and a large number of interviews conducted at all levels of the company. The audit is engaging, challenging and extremely rewarding for those that successfully gain the certification. It is proof that all their hard work in building governance and social compliance has paid off.


Our clients achieved the certification and have since followed up with annual audits and gone on to recertify their system after the initial 3-year certification was due to expire. The results were simple to see. The number of issues they experienced decreased with a stronger compliance system. The number of tenders that they could respond to and submit increased, and their competitive advantage also increased versus their uncertified competitors. The entire process of certification not only allowed those managing the process to develop their skills, but the entire company learned the value of a strong process and of a certification and it is now starting to be a true competitive advantage for their business.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.