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Speeki Europe is an
ISO accredited certification body

Get ISO 37001 and ISO 37301 certified today.Assurance of ESG initiatives

Speeki Europe is an accredited certification body

It is a true badge of honour to be accredited to certify companies under an ISO Standard and Speeki Europe takes that responsibility seriously. Not every provider in this space is accredited and we encourage any client to carefully consider who they work with on their certification projects as there are significant differences between providers.

Choose an accredited provider that has direct and deep experience in the content area for which you are seeking certification.

Learn more about our accreditations below and our own rules around our certifications process.

Speeki Europe operates and certifies organisations globally. Information on the status of a certificate, the name, related normative document, scope and geographical location for a specific certified client is available upon request. Visit our Contact us’ page to reach someone from Speeki Europe

Certification decisions

When Speeki Europe certifies a company under a Standard for which we are accredited (e.g ISO 37001) we take that responsibility pretty seriously.

We take awarding certificates to a higher level at Speeki Europe.

‍Certified auditors carry out their evaluations independently and theircommendations whether to award certification are based on their perience. To ensure the highest level ofimpartiality the Speeki Europe certified lead auditor drafts adescriptive report that facilitates in-depth review

The Certification Committee then evaluates whether the audit methodology has been respected, whether the analysis is based on appropriate documentation and whether the recommendation to award or deny certification is consistent with the information detailed in the report.

Speeki Europe President, Scott Lane

Other key controls

We take independence seriously and have a process to ensure we are conflict free. Every auditor, every time, declares potential conflicts.

Not happy with something? You can leave a confidential report on our whistleblowing system. Check our whistleblower page for more information.

Want to appeal a decision? We have a process for having a certification decision reviewed if you would like a second assessment.

Getting maximum marketing value from your certification

Our certified clients are able to use a logo that we provide to them which displays the details of their certification.

The logos come with some instructions on how to use the logo, where to use it and any rules around it. Be sure to follow these rules closely as they are strictly controlled and constantly assessed by both Speeki Europe as well as our accreditation bodies.

What happens if you run into some issues?

It is common for certified companies to run into issues from time to time that might challenge the validity of their certification. Many of these issues show that the management system is actually working and it identified an issue and helped the company manage the rectification of the issue. These situations will happen, and, in most cases, are easily managed.

However, there are instances where we might feel that a certificate's scope needs to be reduced, or the certificate withdrawn or suspended as a result of certain conduct of the certified company. We do not take this lightly and have a strong set of processes and procedures which we follow before taking any action. As a certification body, our reputation rests in our certifications and we always work closely with our certified clients around issues they might have or are facing that may call into question the certification itself.

Our commitment to our certifications and accreditation adds value to you.

There are a lot of companies out there that are experienced in giving a certification on a management system. Some of them are accredited and some of them are not. Some of them are experienced in the content area that you are being certified on and some are not.

Our focus at Speeki Europe is to focus ONLY on certifying companies on Standards where we are content experts. We come from a long history of expertise in Governance, Compliance and legal risks in the workplace and with third parties. That is our focus and that is our value to you.