Speeki Launch™

"Our customers are demanding we have an ESG and sustainability programme".

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You may not think its a priority, but your stakeholders might differ.

Your stakeholders may demand that you share your efforts to managing the risks of environmental, social and governance.  They want to see what you are doing as a key supplier because they will need to include this information as part of their filing or ESG and sustainability reporting.

Case Study

You need to kick off ESG and sustainability across the business, but are not sure where to start.

Your main customer has been a customer for many years in Asia, Europe and Brazil. They have been manufacturing using your raw materials for a long time and now they have asked you as part of your contract renewal to provide details on your ESG and sustainability efforts. You don't have much to offer and are worried that you may lose your key customer unless you can provide comprehensive answers.  


By using Speeki Launch™ you now have a system for ESG and sustainability documented across your business.

You can now provide your key customers with an overview of your ESG and sustainability efforts and build improved relationships.

The Speeki Launch™ process has helped you define your programme, assign responsibilities and set targets to make ESG and sustainability a competitive advantage.

Situation or challenge

Our client operates a large global business that provides material to manufacturing plants. When approaching contract renewals, they were asked by a large customer to provide data on their ESG and sustainability initiatives.  The company had very little to show with rudimentary data and risked losing a new contract.

Applying Speeki Launch™

Our solution with Speeki Launch™ leveraged the Engage™ framework to kickstart an ESG and sustainability initiative.

The elements of Speeki Launch™ included several of the key elements of the Engage™ framework. Defining ESG and sustainability, setting up people, roles, scope, definitions and working towards a materiality assessment (offered by Speeki as Speeki Focus™) the company was able to develop a picture of their ESG and sustainability initiatives. Some of the key areas did have existing initiatives that needed to be consolidated, rebranded and repackaged as part of the ESG and sustainability initiatives.


The implementation of Speeki Launch™ helped the company build a picture of their ESG and sustainability efforts. While it may not have been a complete programme, it was enough to show their key customer stakeholder that they were on the path towards ESG and sustainable practices. Their definition of ESG and sustainability, their commitment to set goals and objectives and the application of resources, contributed to a well-drafted engagement with their stakeholder.

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