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Start your ESG and sustainability journey with knowing where to focus.

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Many companies have never thought about ESG as a set of key 19 risk areas. They think of ESG as 'sustainability' or perhaps something that investors care about. ESG is, however, a complex myriad of risk areas that all come within the 'ESG' banner.

Speeki defined ESG as 19 key risk areas. We help companies work through which of the 19 risk areas they need to focus and give a status of their 'gross' and 'net' risk of each of these areas.

Our Speeki materiality assessment projects are quick and easy to complete in a matter of days or weeks. They are cost-effective, and helpful in developing actions and next steps for improvement of ESG.

Speeki ESG materiality assessment

The place to start your ESG programme. Knowing where to focus is key.

Action Plan after ESG Risk assessment

On-site, remote or hybrid. Your choice.

Speeki is flexible on how to conduct the materiality assessments. Most companies engage in a hybrid model of part onsite workshops and remote 1:1 or group meetings.

Conducted by experts not junior note takers

Speeki believes that risk assessments are important. Our experts need to be very business focused and be led by an expert that truly understanding ESG risks.  

Clear deliverables and next steps

The result is a deliverable with actionable items to address and to focus. It also includes a process for repeating the materiality risk assessment annually.

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