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The Speeki Platform does all your ESG reporting for you

ESG Reporting obligationESG Reporting obligation

The Speeki platform handles all your reporting needs.

Companies are often required, or choose, to regularly report their status in key ESG areas to various stakeholders, regulators and interest groups. Speeki provides a range of reporting formats and structured solutions. Some of these solutions are becoming automated through our Speeki Platform and some will be more custom developed using our design and consulting teams depending on your needs and audience.

The Speeki platform handles internal reporting and ESRS reporting (just to name a few options).

Proactive reporting to your board, employees, stakeholders or key customers.

  • You can easily produce reports from the platform on one area of ESG or all the areas that are covered by your platform.

  • Quarterly or annual reports on ESG initiatives or particular risk area(s) produced in Word format so you can edit and supplement for presentations.

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Required reporting under regulations, industry groups, or NGO requirements.

  • The Speeki Platform is designed with a build once - write many times system. With clever tagging of data, you can map your data and information to a specific reporting requirement from reporting standards.

  • Management of mandatory reporting requirements is easy with Speeki even on those areas that are text based (e.g 'Tell me about your anti-bribery compliance programme') requests from customers.

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Drive efficiency in ESG reporting

Speeki will save you time, money and drive efficiency in ESG reporting.

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    Speeki will reduce your manual effort and improve your reporting by having the correct information produced where it needs to be at the right time.

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    The Speeki platform is designed to meet all the reporting needs and can be easily adapted to new requirements as they are being introduced.

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    Speeki will help to enter data, consolidate data, drive cost efficiencies in reporting and work across functions in your company to build the data that will be required for reporting.

"The Speeki Platform is the heart of your ESG management. 'Reporting' is just a button to extract data in a particular format"

Quarterly board, employee and stakeholder reporting.

ESG is important to your stakeholders. They want more and more information.  Get ahead of their requirements with help from Speeki. We can prepare all your material for approval and submission to stakeholders.

Meeting the ever-increasing regulatory ESG filings.

Almost every day there is a new reporting requirement being introduced somewhere in the World. Speeki will help identify all these requirements, keep you in compliance with them and submit them on your behalf.

Save time. Reduce your compliance costs.

Speeki will help reduce the time taken for the internal development of your ESG reporting. We can help craft templates, build your document repositories, manage a reporting website.


Why choose Speeki to help with your ESG reporting?

  • We know ESG.
    We know our content.

    We built our own ESG risk model, our own framework for managing ESG and our own IT platform to help. We know ESG, we know technology and we know how to present data that is impactful.

  • Use the Speeki Platform.

    Wherever possible, use your Speeki platform to build the data set for extraction into reports. Getting data into your platform and using it to report is the most efficient way to report ESG.

  • Additional experts with strong content knowledge.

    We can help generate and improve the reports when you need support. Speeki is more than just a software company.

  • Multiple report formats.

    Our Speeki platform is designed to report multiple formats according to multiple standards. Depending on what format you need you can produce almost any format at any time.

  • Customer success concierge

    Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

  • Speed

    We are focused on delivery and meeting all deadlines. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet deadlines and project manage all projects.

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